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I am proud to be a student at Milford High School. I have been in performing arts since my freshman year in high school and I love it. It's been a great experience this far!
My experience at Milford Public Schools was great. The teachers and staff was very supportive and helpful.
Milford Public Schools is a small town school of around 300 high school students. As much, there is very little diversity in the community and school itself. It could improve in that aspect as more diversity offers a broader scope of perspectives. It is nice though in the fact that you can dabble in many activities such as Theatre and Basketball so to say.
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As an employee of Milford Elementary, I appreciate the team effort that is given across our grade levels. The administration truly has the students and staff interests as a priority.
As a parent, I am glad to have my three children attending this school. The care and concern for students is amazing and appreciated.
It's a great school, awesome scholarship opportunities! The teachers are always willing to help the students out on anything. Amazing English teachers that prepare you for college papers and resumes. Many college class opportunities for very minimal cost if not free!
The town of Milford is a very nice place to live. The school system needs a Revamp on Administration. The high school principle does NOT care about his students even though he says he does. Actions do speak louder than words. All he is, is an adult bully. Food program is awful and students are opting out of Milford school every year. Something needs to be done ASAP!!
Milford Public Schools is a small school district in the town of Milford, NE with less than 3,000 people in it. I moved there from the state of California in 2013. Moving from a bigger city about the size of the capital of Nebraska to a town so small was difficult. Since Milford is such a small school with 63 students in my class you can really get the one-on-one connection with your teachers and other staff members that you want. For being a smaller district we do have a lot going on with the clubs, sports, and other activities we have going on. It always seems like we have something going on with one of those activities every week. Our teachers do a good job of understand that we all have busy schedules with clubs, practice, games, etc. and try to work around it or try to help us not fall behind. Overall Milford Public Schools is a good schools with great staff.
Administration is Awful, food is awful, Principal needs fired, he has little man syndrome, Sports and facilities are embarrassing. Track is so bad that we cannot even hold a track meet. Our athletic wear is embarrassing along with our Fan wear that our students make in class. Our student section is awful, Mr Mowenkil will not even allow the students to cheer or have fun. Cheers have to be "approved" Pathetic.
No open campus for lunches, way to get the kids ready for the real world. We need all new Administration!!!!!
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