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In Milford High School, I really liked my teachers in the classes I took. The school really got me ready with its AP classes, especially the ones I took. I love my school teams I am apart of, especially the cross country team I was co-captain of. I am sad to leave my school but I cannot wait to go to college.
Milford Public education did not provide me with a challenge that made me feel as though I was reaching my full potential.
It's a school which is highly rated in academic and also athletes it's a good school which shows you the important of studying
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The arts department is absolutely wonderful! The number of AP courses offered is great, but there is always room for improvement. The guidance department is not super helpful in helping students plan their 4 years.
I graduated from this school in 2018, and I will never forget my years here. Even when the big health food system implemented my school still fought to keep cookies and ice cream. The warm cookies (3 for $1 by the way) were always a favorite, and I still can't find the same cookies they used to this day, even though ive tried to find them to recreate the classic tastes. Between my friends crazy class president speech and the weeks and hours spend playing Magic The Gathering at the back library table will be years I never forget. The Teachers are amazing, besides a choice few, and the food is pretty good for a high school.
My experience with Milford was a bit of a roller coaster. It had its ups and downs but yet overall, I’m glad I got the chance to attend their schools. Made good friends and figured what I wanted to do with my life. People doubted me but I surpassed that and I feel confident that I will be successful.
Overall, I loved my experience in Milford Public Schools, specifically at Milford High School. From the teachers to the activities, there are some amazing connections and friendships to be made. Being a high school student in this day and age is not easy, but having so many opportunities to thrive made it a lot easier to manage. High school is what you make of it, and if you try to focus on the good things, you are more than likely to have a more positive experience. I have made some great friendships, not only with students; but also with teachers. I only just graduated a few days ago and I am still coming back to say hello to my underclass friends and teachers that made an impact on my life. My experience at Milford High definitely helped shape me into the person I am today, and I couldn't be more thankful!
By attending Milford Public Schools, I got the chance to form so many new relationships with friends, as well as teachers. The people there guided me through all of my four years, and I will forever be grateful for that. I was able to be taught by some of the best teachers, and learn tons of new things. To go along with this, Milford being such a diverse town in every sense of the word has gotten me to form friendships with people from different backgrounds and different interests, which taught me to never judge a book by its cover. Being a part of Milford High school is something I would never want to trade!
MPS is an amazing place for students to learn and prepare for their future. I am impressed by the faculty and district leadership!
Milford Public Schools offers a diverse cultural experience for all high school students. The sports activities are abundant and the faculty is very helpful.
MPS is an amazing place to have your children receive an excellent education. It is a community of caring educators who support the needs of all students.
Awesome school district and amazing opportunities! Schools offer a first rate education that supports the needs of all students!
MPS is an awesome place for students to prepare for their future-there are so many options at the secondary level!
I received a great education. The Teachers and staff are very attentive.
I have never had a social issue there, everyone has been very accepting of me for who I am.
There's a lot of diversity, and you'll find students from all walk of life. The education is amazing, and if you want to utilize them, teachers are there for you. There isn't as much school spirit as there could be, but hopefully with our recent principal change that will get better.
Received an education that was limited by public school funding but you got out of it what you put into it. Definitely needed more help in terms of preparation for college.
This school system is by far one of the worst I've seen yet!! Complete waste of taxpayers money!!They pass all students even if they aren't achieving academic levels. How will these kids ever survive in the working world?? Seriously?? If you have a child who has special needs be prepared to have your child bullied. It's everything and anything as if their lives aren't hard enough. There is no classroom for kids whom just need a smaller classroom setting instead they are placed with kids whom have behavioral issues yup that right.
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Going through Milford public schools was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was in no way getting an education that would prepare me for my future or for college. Milford public school did the bare minimum for me and other students.
I liked that there was a variety of classes available for students aside from the standard math, english, science, ect. There were options such as photography, marine biology, piano, creative writing, ect.
The school does not prepare students to attend college. Their study skills are horrible. They are generally unprepared
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