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My experience with the Milford Exempted Village School District has been extremely positive over my past 13 years of education. The district created both a safe and fun way of learning. I never really dreaded going to school because I had friends and satisfactory teachers to boost my happiness. When it comes to weather, Ohio can be very bipolar. The District plays close attention to when school should be called off or delayed. Using the districts best judgement, off days and delays are rare (unless absolutely necessary)due to the interruption of education. The only issue I see among the Milford District is targeted towards the older students. The reason for that is due to the lack of gender equality. I've witnessed many physical fights, and online harassing just because people cannot accept the fact that some people are different apart from them. Overall, the school district has set me up for success, and the rigorous curriculum is going to do nothing but benefit me.
Milford Exempted Village School District is very warm and welcoming. I have been offered many chances to branch out and to challenge myself, through tough courses and diverse topics. I find the cohort math program to be particularly helpful and advancing.
Good environment for learning. Great teacher and parent involvement. A lot of chances to get involved if you want to. Active community.
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Overall it was a great experience! The teachers were good, most of the time, which shows that the employers were pretty picky in finding good employees. The school is very welcoming of pretty much all groups of people. We were also one of the first schools to welcome a service dog in the school. Anyways, back to my personal experience. There were ups and downs, most of the downs just of me not trying hard enough, but if I had the chance to try again I would. The school had all kinds of help for the students, I just didnt take great advantage of them. There was everything from guidance counselors to college counselors, to mental health counselors. The students' safety was very important too. We had police officers at the school at all times, and have cameras in basically every hallway. The overall experience at Milford is very good, and is a great school around my area. It's not the best, but it is still very good.
The teachers and extracurriculars really made my high school experience the best! I participated in marching band for three years, key club, nation honors society, and ultimate frisbee. These great activities brought me friends and memories that will last me a life time. My senior year I did CCP to save money for college but every day I missed seeing all my friends and participating in all these spirit days, and attending all of the footballs games that I did while I was in marching band. While I did grow from my experience at UCC, Milford High School will forever hold a place in my heart.
Milford High School is a rockin' flockin' school. It has good teachers and offers many classes. The sports are mediocre but we have a lot of options.
There are several of teachers that aid guide guides though the path they need/want. They provide suggestions and support. When you have questions, individuals will try their best to help to find the answer. The school does a fantastic job of preparing for colleges. Although overall the school is amazing, but there are some rude people within the school.
Milford Schools is an amazing environment for students, faculty, and parents. There are so many all inclusive events and sports, interests and clubs, and also the learning environment is amazing. I was very prepared for college. I wish they had focused and really help me decide on what specific AP classes would help me pass my college classes.
I love how community driven this district is and their constant support of each other and every accomplishment of students.
Milford High School is a very involved school. There are many different courses to take and also many opportunities to make friends. The teachers are very caring and do well in teaching their course.
Milford prepares students for college and pushes their students to do the best, I do not see this as much at other schools. Milford also excels in academics and the education they provide. Since Milford is older I would like to see the building be updated, which I know is currently in the process of being done.
I have attended Milford schools all of my life, and I have had an amazing time. The teachers love their jobs and want to help you learn. They also have the best band program! I can proudly say that as a flute player in the band for 7 years now. I do not think I would be where I am today if it weren't for Milford schools.
I transferred in for my junior year and I have loved every minute of it. There are numerous AP classes and high academic standards.
In terms of classes, I don't really have any complaints. You can make your schedule as rigorous or as lax as you would like Taking AP classes is extremely common and the school encourages all college-bound students to enroll in at least one AP class. Milford also offers pathways for students that don't see college in their future. There is a ton of school pride when it comes to sports, especially football. However many of the students that I know complain that Milford does not advertise their other sports, particularly women's and winter sports. There are very few underrepresented minorities at Milford. I'd say that politically, MHS is 40% liberal, 30% conservative, 20% centrist, 10% third party; although, most student's don't really care.
My high school experience has been very good over the past 4 years. I have done well in my classes and played a couple high school sports. The teachers are great and very helpful. One of the stronger aspects of Milford high school, is how the college and career readiness counselor helps you prepare for college and helps you get your applications in on time.
I really liked the selection of different courses and the opportunities given to reach higher levels of education. Many different methods of teaching can be found at Milford and it is not geared towards any one specific method. In my opinion some of these methods work better than others, but the variety allows for different students to find their fit.
I was in my schools marching band. Being in the marching band made my high school experience better and much more fun!!
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I am a senior at Milford High School. I love our district! I attended Boyd E. Smith elementary from kindergarten to sixth grade and loved my elementary school years. Milford Junior High is also a great school with great staff and academics. I am very glad and grateful that I attend Milford High School. I am able to go to teachers for help whenever, endure rigorous coursework that will prepare me for college, and I am able to always feel safe at school. There seems to be little to none bullying at our school, which creates a great environment for students and faculty. Milford High School is an amazing school!
Most of the school district is really nice. The schools are nice, the staff is nice, and the staff really wants students to succeed. It is pretty cool how much they care about students.
Great school and building. The teachers are great and truly care for the students. The school offers opportunities for people of all futures (college, army, workforce,etc).
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