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Milford Area Public School District No. 124 Reviews

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They have a brand new building with air conditioning and great gyms and classrooms. The teachers are great and genuinely care about you and how well you do in life. Things aren't too incredibly strict here.
I truly loved going to school here! Especially because I know if my life were different and my family hadn’t moved back here I would have gone to a private school with more than 200 students which is one aspect I liked about Milford. I especially liked that when our town had the chance to build a new school it was a majority vote of the whole district to build the school though taxes were raised. I also like that because of the new school was that it was conjoined with the grade school and it gave me a chance to be closer to the grade school and have the opportunity to teach one of the second grade classes Spanish and it also to tutor two students from the fourth grade class. Another reason I liked this district was because of the great teachers they hired! The one thing i was glad that somewhat I had a change this year was that because of the new school we got a bigger gym which was maybe why we had more attendance for the female sports.
The staff is very kind and helpful. The students, overall, and generally nice and easy to get along with.
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I liked how close the teachers are to the students and how small the class sizes are. I like how I know everyone and how all of the teachers know me. That they know me as a person.
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