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Mildred Independent School District Reviews

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experience My personal experience was definitely one to remember. I got to experience small town community along with caring teachers that wanted to always see their students learn and ready them self for there next steps in life. This school has made it easy to get one on one help from teachers and other students. The biggest impact, is that this school has prepared me for my first step in my adult life... College
I love being a Mildred Eagle. The teachers are so helpful and all the students pretty much get along. We're a small community and we help each other in times of need.
I like the small size the staff and the students are great. The only thing I'd change, is the school being more concerned with other extra cralicular activities beyond sports.
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It is a very small community, but it still offers a good education. Mildred High School offers dual credit classes, where a student can take half high school, half college classes. The clubs and activities do not have a very big voice about what goes on in the school, but at least they have clubs to join. By the time you graduate, you will have a close connection to everyone, including teachers.
Mildred ISD possesses a very close-knit and caring relationship between faculty and students. Teachers really care about the well being of their students.
What i like about mildred? I mostly like the staff and how well the students tend to behave at mildred. The staff is very friendly.
Mildred ISD is a great place to be! The environment is so energetic and the kids are very involved. If I were to change anything it'd be the facilities for our special education program. I do not feel that there are enough facilities for them to use and better the kids.
At Mildred high school I am a regular student that plays varsity sport and makes A's in my classes. My teacher are willing to work with my busy schedule and are very open with me it make it easier to come to them and ask for help. Mildred high school is well know in as a very high standard school and gives great education, and that not a lie.
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