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I would like to see teachers and faculty helping the students more and to be more willing to work with them. I was sick throughout my high school experience and hardly any of the teachers were willing or sympathetic in helping me pass. The school does however offer students a close-knit community to learn in with different activities to become involved in. I do wish that more college based classes were offered to us as students. The Milbank School District should also look into offering students a class on the "real world" like banking, credit vs. debit, financing, and/or loans.
The ability to be in as many extracurricular activities you could whether it be music, drama, sports, or art.
Overall, I have had an excellent experience at Milbank High School. I transferred to the Milbank School District in 2014 for my Freshman year. The education system is very good and there are a wide variety of classes to take. My experience with the teachers was also very excellent. The class sizes are small and the teachers are very one-on-one with the students.
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Milbank is a small town with the small town atmosphere. At the school, everyone knows everyone. Teachers are very helpful and supportive. Small class size proves to help students learn more and get personal help when not understanding the work. This makes it easier for students to have access to the teachers. Safety has not been an issue here. It is nice for students to be able to participate in multiple sports each year. This helps allow students to not only learn more about team unity and sports, but valuable lessons learned on and off the court. Lifelong friends are made at the high school level. Students moving here during high school are quickly accepted by everyone. Making friends is easy whether or not you have lived here all your life. I wish the guidance counselor was more helpful with finding and notifying students of scholarships.
Offers more than many surrounding schools. Successful and competitive activities. (athletics, arts, FFA, music, speech) Student body is welcoming, creative, and diverse . Right amount of discipline between students and teachers, not too strict but structured. There is a lack of respect given to students by many teachers and administration. Lack of continuity in rules and regulations. Most everything is dictated by community politics.
Loved going to school here wouldn’t have rather gone anywhere else. Milbank allowed me to figure out what I wanted to do
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