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Milano Independent School District Reviews

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Milano is a very small, 2A district that operates like a family. Everyone looks out for everyone else. Academically, the district is very challenging, but in a good way. They really strive to help students be successful.
Milano ISD has improved Alot over the last 2Years. I love that they make sure no kids are left behind. They've truly helped 4 of my kids get where they needed .to be in school. I'm truly grateful formally of our staff.
I really enjoy the family sense in this school. The community is so involved with every activity. The only thing I feel that needs to change is a regression to two years ago when the school was a little less strict and more trusting with the students. It promoted growth and the school was a more relaxed, comfortable environment to expand in.
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It's a small high school so it feels safer than most when ot comes the bullying and violence. However, being small, programs and extra curriculars are limited.
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