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They take academics very seriously and offer higher level classes for those who are prepared for the next level. They also have a very good CTE program for students who may not want the traditional college education. However, the do not care or take much interest in clubs which impacts student participation.
As a whole Milan is a very good school system, but there are a few things that, as a senior, I would change. I would change the fact that a lot of times the staff seems to focus on what we are wearing instead of what we are learning. I also feel that some of the teachers are not qualified to teach. There have been many classes that I have been so frustrated because of the way a teacher teaches or the way they don't teach. Amongst the bad, there is some good. The clubs and sports are very good and the club leaders let students be very involved. I have also enjoyed the many friendships I have made from being a student at Milan High School.
I have been enjoying my time being enrolled in schools that are a part of the Milan Special School District. I believe Milan schools do the best that they can for the students.
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The school it self is nice and has great teachers. Sadly, there are many things wrong with it. Bullying is a huge problem. Also another problem is not being fair.
Milan Special School District is a great place to receive an education. The teachers provided are very good at what they do, and want to see you succeed. An interesting tactic Milan High School has recently adapted is rewarding ACT scores. They do not only award you for making a certain score, but they also reward you when they see any progression on your ACT. Something that could be worked on in this school district is how much they teach you about college and what it takes to get into a college.
I really enjoyed some of the experiences and all the friends I have made so far. My only concern is all of the stress the teachers put onto us. It is very concerning and most of the time I have to put my mental health first and push back some assignments.
My overall experience at Milan High School have been okay. I expected to come to a good loving academic school. Along with hope of amazing teacher's to follow. I came prepared eager to learn more than I did at my old school ; yet I was disappointed. Although my biology, and History teacher's are beyond amazing. I must admit that I love how free they are, the fact that majority of the school drives. The library reminds me of an college library which Milan focuses a lot on. Beyond that, I do wish I could change how many reward day's we get. Milan doesn't really have too many activities, just simply dress down day's. I feel as we have a lot of pressure and work hauled on us, so we deserve breaks. Last, I'm not too sure if I will be attending next year.
I have enjoyed my past four years of high school at MHS. I have been in this district since kindergarten and I love how they do things. I really just wish I was more prepared for college rigor.
I like the fact that it is a school where the teachers care and they do what they can to help you succeed.
I liked the staff and teachers in Milan High School, but the students and staff were geared more toward sports than education.
Milan Schools are some of the best schools around. I have attended Milan since I was in Kindergarten. Being apart of Milan schools for so long is something I will never regret. Not only is our school known for our outstanding football program and academics, but we also have awesome teachers and faculty to help us along the way. Although I have enjoyed my years at Milan, I will soon become an Alumni without looking back.
Milan city schools has been a great school system for us. We have been very pleased. We moved to Milan so our child could attend school here and we have been very happy with our decision.
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