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Milan C-II School District Reviews

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Milan is a very diverse school which I think will better prepare the students for how to handle the world when they leave high school and have to face a variety of people and differences. However, there is a lack of money coming in because the community is so small . I feel like because the community is more interested in sports when we do receive extra funding it doesn't go towards academics, but instead towards bettering sports. I personally feel like I could've enjoyed high school more during my freshmen and sophomore year, but I don't think that's necessarily the school's fault I would say it had more to do with me not being as outgoing as I should have been. Overall I think the teachers and administrators have made this school pretty great considering how little funding they have to work with.
Milan C-2 was a very inclusive school. They pride themselves in diversity and how amazing staff and students are. Things that would be nice to see are bigger facilities and more classes offered.
There are many things to like about Milan, every morning when you walk in you are greeted with a Good Morning (your name) from many different faculty members. All of the teachers are willing to take time out of their schedule to help you with what ever you need. At Milan teachers, coaches, janitors, and cooks are always friendly, if there is anything you needed they would be happy to help.
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My high school experience at Milan c-2 was a very memorable one. I love the fact that there is so much diversity and acceptance throughout the community. It has a wonderful learning environment and I'm happy that I got to go there.
The small town feel of this school made the 4 year experience an amazing journey! Most of the teachers genuinely care about their students and are dedicated to teaching their students to the best of their ability.
What I like about this school district is that they truly care about their students and how they do in school. Something I would like to see change is the building and the use of technology
The bullying in this school is incredibly redickulous. they have signs up everywhere about the issue and how bad it is, yet nothing gets done about it therefore you have to take matters into your own hands and when you do that then they decide to step in and try to help when it's already too late if Milan C2 would make the rules for everyone and just not some I think we could really get somewhere everybody treated equally is very important because kids are not stupid they know they have eyes they have ears they know when things are unfair. I would love to see the school make this matter a priority by, having different speakers come in and speak to these kids. THANK you
Milan High school is beautiful. There are a lot of young and old teachers working their hardest to keep the curriculum at its highest and the best around. Some things that could be worked on as a whole would be teachers getting closer with students so that they feel safe. Students sometimes feel like no one is there to help them and I feel like this a top priority this high school needs to work on.
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