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I went to Milan High School all 4 years. It was a ton of fun but we do focus a lot on academics. Milan strives for high SAT scores and tries to give their students the best opportunities to do whatever it is they want (college, trade school, etc.)
School is school not sure what to say or what to compare it with. I just had to go to school and it is where I live.
My experience with Milan schools has been very good. They have lots of academic opportunities that I have not seen at other schools. They focus on making sure each student gets the education that they will need for the future.
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I have had a pretty great experience at Milan Area Schools. The teachers have always been there to help students when they are in need. Great school buildings. Amazing academic achievements. Taught me how to stay on track and keep up.
Milan Area Schools is a good school to go to the teachers are wonderful and there is a diverse student population. You see a lot of different students go to Milan. They readily prepare you for college and allow you to start your path to college early. You have many of clubs and extracurricular activities to choose from.
Milan is a small community. All the teachers know you. This can be good and bad. They are there to encourage you and hold you to high standards. If you mess up, they are there too. Overall, Milan is a good school.
Im a recent graduate of Milan Area Schools. Its a district I have attended my whole life. I believe the the Milan School District for the most part is a better community for children to grow up in as opposed to other schools. In my experience, there was very few cases of bullying, and none that I had witnessed. Like most public schools, you have the few kids that throw out slurs, but I felt safe at Milan as a Minority and wasn't bothered by other kids. Most of the teachers are pretty cool and staff is friendly.
I liked being able to do choir and participate in band and I also liked that our school had a drumline. The school was very organized with their schedules and I learned a lot from their classes. I also liked that we had the MCIS which helps seniors do projects that prepare them for college.
I loved milan high school. They have typical high school teachers but some of them are amazing. I was able to talk to some of them about the most personal things and the school is very accepting to anyone and everyone. The way they teach us is a great way as well. They specifically make lessons to the people who need them. Like they will go over something on their own time to help a student succeed for the future. They all want us to graduate and have an amazing future.
I enjoyed my school experience at Milan. It has a hometown feel, was small enough to know everyone, and the teachers built good relationships with teachers.
I would like to see more diversity with the teaching structure. I didn't rate anything in particular that I liked. I wanted to be honest, so I opted not to say anything.
Being a senior at Milan High School has really helped me become prepared for going into college. In addition to that I have met a lot great people who work for the school that have helped me figure out what I would like to be when I'm older and what college I want to go to.
Milan is an excellent school district. Teachers care about their students and push them to be academically successful. The high school offers numerous clubs and activities for their students as well.
Milan High School gave me the opportunity to learn about who I am as a person. Over the last four years I've grown up in so many different ways, and only a few of them academically.
I have been going to Milan Area Schools my whole life. Overall, I think the schools really care about the students, and try to do their best at preparing us for our futures. I like how the school has many different resources for students looking for guidance, safe places, activities, and ways to better themselves.
Friendly staff. They make it a point to get to know parents and kids. They do very well at keeping in contact on how your child is doing in school.
I would like to see more diverse advanced classes as well as more languages. The lack of a variety in AP classes only hinders the students. There are so many social science courses that students could be taking and excelling in, but they are not offered at this facility.
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Milan Area Schools is a good district to attend. It has great teachers and great opportunities for students. My only problem with the school system is the politics a person needs to be involved in a sport.
I love how open it was. There were many sports, clubs, and activities to join. The student body was not very diverse though.
Milan has a very good curriculum. The boys athletics are very good as well. Girls athletics need work, and staff should want to change that. Staff also gossip about the students and some aren't very friendly outside of the classroom. Don't expect to get a "hi" when you walk by. Milan is also not very diverse. It is also very clear that you get treated different when you mean something to the district, ie; sports, academics, extra-curriculars. The curriculum is great but for other reasons, it is not a place I would send my kids.
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