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Milaca Public School District Reviews

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The district is constantly evolving in technology, add-on’s, and caring teachers. The teachers always look out for you in ways they can help.
I have been in my for my entire life buy Duval experience in the classes and from the teachers was great. But the funding of the school was an amazing.
Mostly good teachers, great agricultural programs, robotics and other opportunities. The buildings can use some updates in flexible learning spaces and fixing roof leaks. Overall a good experience and good education.
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I loved going to school in Milaca. I wish it were more diverse but overall, a great learning environment.
Everyone at the school is very kind and helpful. The teachers are very good and helpful as well. There is a wide variety of sports offered and college classes which is great.
Milaca might be small, but because it is small, everyone is connected. Teacher are very helpful and you have many opportunities to take college courses to get ready for college. The sports teams are nit good right now, but i think they are making a comeback
Milaca does not have a good athletic program. There is not a lot of pride in the school because the athletic programs are so poor. They need to restructure their programs and hire coaches and an athletic director that know how to win. It is not fun to attend games and cheer for a team that always loses by a wide margin. Get rid of the politics, clean house and start over.
This school is an excellent school. Although, there can be some better changes. Some of the teachers show way too much favoritism or just do not care about their students. Also, we do not get told much about how to get scholarships and how to apply for them along with a lot of information on college.
Since Milaca is such a small town, we do not have many students. This has allowed me to interact and befriend students I would not have originally talked to. The teachers are all very friendly and are always ready to help when needed. We do not have much for facilities, but we make it work for what we have. While I might complain about living in such a rural town and going to this school, I am glad that I have had the exerpience and opportunities that were offered to me due to this school.
Everyone knows each other. The class sizes are small. Very good teachers. The principals are understanding. The teachers care about you and your well being. The school is clean and tidy. Anti bullying programs are effective in this school.
Our District needs quite a bit of help. The amount of bullying, teenage pregnancies, high school dropouts, and poor academics make it a laughing stock of academia. I know many students who go to ISD (in school detention) and do half the work and still get the same diploma as our Valid Victorians. Its messed up, it doesn't surprise me that more people are leaning towards homeschooling. I'm thankful I was handed the option for homeschooling, otherwise I don't know what my opportunities would have been like otherwise.
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