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Mifflinburg Area School District Reviews

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I had a really good experience in the Mifflinburg Area School District throughout the years. People were always friendly to me and there wasn't really any kind fo judging around. You be what you want to be and people would just go along with it. The teachers are always nice and helpful and would never let you down. I feel like Mifflinburg Area School District is good as it is right now and in my opinion, the only thing that I really think that should be added in is an SAT club in which that club would help you prepare for college readiness test.
Claims to be inclusive while being disrespectful of minority students. Is helpful in scheduling classes though, and makes AP classes a priority
Growing up in such a small community was more of a blessing than I thought possible. You make some friends for life, and the vast majority of teachers are extremely passionate about what they do. They love their students and community.
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It's a school, it serves its purpose, it's very central Pennsylvanian. The big issue is you've got a good amount of LGBT kids and a lot of conservative kids and they dont really mix. Good things about it are the academics are alright, kids who excel are able to do so and get a good education and kids who dont care dont get pushed through until they try. It's decent.
I like how the school is smaller and has more individual time with teachers. What I don't like is the favoritism that comes with living in the small area, along with some teachers who don't want to help students.
Mifglinburg Area School District is home for the Wildcats. I used to be the captain of the Color Guard, which is just a small part of the marching band you see at Friday night football games and parades. Activities surrounding all sports is the most excitement in the small town.
Mifflinburg Area High School is an average school in the area. Throughout my 3 and a half years of high school, I have discovered the good and the bad about the school. While the academics and sports are good, the parent involvement, culture, and college readiness are poor and hurts the students as well as the school. Over all, the school environment is average.
Mifflinburg High School offered AP courses and recently the ACE college program during my senior year. My enrichment teacher helped me plan for my future but I wish the guidance office would offer more assistance with choosing the appropriate classes or projects to prepare for college.
It is a very nice, clean school with friendly enthusiastic staff and students with an eagerness to learn. It's in a safe neighborhood that is great for raising children and the sports teams are very successful.
Mifflinburg was a good school. I like the option to go to Tech our Senior year, though it would be neat to have that option Junior year. Teachers are good. Too much emphasis on the football team and not on the other great sports programs going on in the school district like the softball team and the cross country teams...
Many of the teachers are good. The school is in a great area to live. Food tasted good for the most part.
My experience attending high school here was okay. Being in sports made the experience much better. I enjoyed some of my classes because of the teachers and students.
Overall a safe, loving community that is a great place to grow up. The teaching and schools are excellent. The teachers do really care about their students and want them to succeed. The sports programs are also rather successful.
I learned a lot while in High school. While it might not have always been the way the teacher wanted or expected. But at Mifflinburg, you learn more than just the lessons in a book about a particular topic. You learn life lessons without even realizing it at times. You grow as a person. And I couldn't have asked for anything better.
Mifflinburg is a very nice small town. The general population is friendly. The school is mediocre and nothing special but there are a few teachers who make the school a better place.
I like that the Mifflinburg Area School District is very accepting towards anyone and they have a system for helping students in need.
I love going to this school, I have been in the district for all 13 years of my education and I would not want to be anywhere else!
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What i liked about Mifflinburg was that smaller school. We were provided able to have better outcomes with teachers because we would classess of 20 to 1. It was small town so we were able to have close knit family and friends. Even though we were a small town, there were plenty of clubs and activities. One thing that was a disadvantage was not being a very diverse school.
Overall mifflinburg area school district is a very accepting school. To add mifflinburg had an active for any student of any age group. Finally the teachers are very close to there students and care about what they do outside of school.
My experience at Mifflinburg Area School District is overall pretty good. There are a few things that I wish could change. One of those changes would be teaching more things that are needed for life such as; how to balance a checkbook, and how to deal with paperwork that will be needed when we are on our own. At my school, I feel like some teachers do not take our education seriously sometimes. One reason I feel this way is because most of them do not assist students when it is needed. Last, I would like to change the attitude of my school. The attitude at our school I perceive as treating us not like adults. I think not only my school but many other schools do not treat students like adults. This will be a very important step in becoming independent in the future. In conclusion, even though I have had many good experiences at Mifflinburg Area School District I feel like students should be taught to be independent and adults for the future years ahead.
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