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I have been in the Mifflin County High School for 3 years now. They do not deal with some things but other things they do. They also do not have very good communication with the students parents or the Vocational school that some of their students go to. It's to the point that students that don't go over to the High School and only go to the Vo-Tech, don't get any information on what's happening or going on over at the High school. An example is yearbooks the deadline ended and no one at the vo-tech knew it even started.
My experience at Mifflin County High School was average. I took average classes. Did not play sports but did belong to the band for 3 years.
The school is nice, but the college preparedness is less than excellent. There are little resources that prepare students for college. To discuss college, students have to schedule an appointment with their guidance counselor. Some students do not have time to do this. In AP courses, students feel rushed for the AP exam deadlines. Teachers are constricted with time because of snow days and delays, and they force their students to learn the material in a short amount of time. Overall, the school is a good experience.
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My experience at Mifflin County High School was not the best but yet we were used as a trial run to see if the school was big enough to hold 3 grades in it. it was not big enough for that, classes were too big.
Most of the teachers are great. They care about the students and their education. There are a lot of clubs to choose from and a lot of opportunities to get involved. There are a lot of available resources for research and studying.
Attending Mifflin County High School has been a great experience in my life. The school has shaped me to not only be a great student, but also a better person. The school has taught me to give back to my community, help other students who need support, and challenge myself to my full potential. The teachers and administration truly care about their students and are willing to help in any way they can. The teachers want to watch their students succeed in life and are pushing them so they are ready for whatever life has to throw in the way.
It is in a small town in Central Pennsylvania. Consists of about 1,200 students. Class sizes vary. Some teachers wanted to get students more prepared for college, but others did not.
Through Mifflin County High School, I had the opportunity to attend a vocational school during the school day to receive an education in the field of study I was most interested in, which was electrical installation. I also had the opportunity to work part-time in a Cooperative Education program so I was able to receive experience in my career field. Teachers were all-around good and did a good job at teaching to the students that wanted to learn and were willing to put forth the effort.
Resources are lacking in the school district when compared to others, but the teachers and staff do care for the students and encourage success. As opposed to other high schools, there is no preparation in regards to taking a final, which resulted in a rude awakening when going on to college.
Mifflin County School District has great teachers. They all try to relate to their students, and give their assistance as much as possible. The only problem with Mifflin County is the students; most students are rude, selfish, and disrespectful towards other human beings.
Great high school building
Staff is okay some truly care about the students but others do whatever they can to get out of some hard work.
Awesome library
Cool classes and programs
Amazing marching band
Very educated teachers in there trade
My experience as a Mifflin County Huskie was truly a great experience. The teacher and administrators were absolutely amazing and made sure that the students got the help and education we needed. The only thing holding me back from giving the school a perfect rating was the students. I wish that the school district had a better bullying policy. Too many kids are being bullied and it is keeping them from their studies but the school is not able to do anything about it.
The people at Mifflin County High School are some of the nicest people I have ever met. However, the school is biased in its support for the sports and music programs. I think it would benefit the school to give equal recognition and support to all of the competitive programs.
New High school is great, great teachers, and activities. Some improvment is being made in the stem side of things which is nice to see.
Mifflin County School District has great teachers and a great student body. I would like to see more options for clubs and a greater variey of AP classes.
This school is not bad, but it is not great either. Some of the electives are nice. This school has an art department, and a media department. There are clubs, and some good opportunities. Some of the teachers can be very helpful, but some of them are not. Some teachers do not care about their students. The school counselors are great, they will help you with anything. The principles are nice. Bullying does not happen often at this school, I have saw it but I think it is rare. I think that some of the students do not push themselves hard enough, and just take the easy classes.
I found Mifflin County High School to be a very good school in preparing my son for college. The facilities are very nice, and there are some very good teachers in this school.
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I'm a senior in the Mifflin County High School. I think the school is good and the classes are good too. I have learned a lot there and the teachers are very helpful. If I ever need help with my studies they were always there. I have had many opportunities with the high school. I have wanted to get into Digital Media with broadcasting. Our school has it's on TV station, which has helped me. I've learned a lot through that to help me with what I want to continue my education with. I am the set manager of the TV station. So I have learned a lot with that. It is a small community, but there are many opportunities within the school and the school district to learn and have fun.

I think overall it is a good school and the teachers are good just as well.
Mifflin County High School is an amazing place to receive your high school education. The staff are friendly and the teacher to student ratio lets students have the opportunity to learn and grow.
I believe my experience at Mifflin County School districts has made me a better person and that it will shape my life, for years to come. It has given me a firm foundation to build upon, a great respect for learning and others around me.
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