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Midway R-I School District Reviews

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The Midway School District is a K-12 school; there are four different towns that feed into the district. Everyone knows everyone at this school which allows for a lot of involvement in activities and out of school.
Midway has had a bad wrap about its structure and the state of it's classrooms and roofs, especially after the tornado and extreme weather we have sustained over the last four years. However, this summer they'll be using a grant to improve it for the students.
Small rural school with limited high school course selection, but good teachers. Growing Ag program, numerous clubs and organizations. Strong athletic department.
I have been going to Midway since I was in kindergarten. I am a freshman now, and every day, I think about how I will miss this school when I graduate. Our athletics are great, especially our volleyball, football, and girl's basketball. We have great coaches, and they take their time to coach you and make you get better. Even though our education isn't great, our teachers are still very good at their job. They make sure that you know what we're going through.
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Midway lacked a diverse student body, varying academic clubs, and concrete opportunities to prepare for college (excluding several dual credit courses). However, there was an abundance of sporting opportunities and events. Few teachers were helpful and sociable, even in such a small school setting. However, the ones that were, made a large impact. Midway's small size allowed for everyone to be good friends and remain so throughout our years together. During my time there, we did have an awesome principal! Overall, my experience from second to twelfth grade was average, and I made several good friends and prepared myself for college.
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