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The wide variety of courses more than prepared me for college course selection. I was able to get a good idea for my desired course of study from what was made available to me at Midway. I also feel prepared for college.
Midway ISD is probably one of the best schools in the area. Diversity is probably the weakest of Midway as there isn't much living in a small metropolitan city. Most of the teachers here at MISD are great, though I have complained about some, and the district took immediate action. As far as safety goes, Midway is probably the best district to handle it. With always practicing drills every month and having a school officer on campus, you are ensured that you are in the safest place as possible. Music and Arts are ok, as there is every program such as, band, orchestra, choir and theatre. One program Midway Independent School District could adopt could be the International Baccalaureate program considering the high rank of the district and how other school districts have it such as Frisco ISD, Plano ISD, Allen ISD, etc. Otherwise, Midway ISD is a great school district to be apart of!
Midway Independent School District has been apart of my education since I started in Pre-k. It has changed a lot over the course of 13 years, but in a positive aspect. Throughout one's education, there are bound to be teachers that aren't of best character, but Midway is mostly filled with phenomenal educators, administration, and faculty members. I have no real complaints about the food, as they are quite diverse. Being a student at Midway, there are plenty of things to be involved in. It seems as if every interest or hobby has a club for it and there are many different types of student organizations. As for changes, I haven't seen a need for any. All in all, Midway Independent School District has been a great part of my life and will always remain a special place to me.
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the midway school district is filled with amazing teachers and staff that always care and don't at all discriminate between anybody
I went to Midway my final year of high school from 2017 to 2018. I was behind on credits and wanted to graduate with my class, and Midway was able to assist me on getting where I needed to be. The building itself was over-crowded with students. The administration is mostly rude, and great at treating their students like numbers. Most sports are unfunded, except for their beloved football, of course. And, teachers are mainly hit or miss, especially in the non-advanced classes where teachers mostly just boost grades.
This school provides an excellent array of STEM courses. However some sports are under appreciated and supported like swimming, which doesn't have a school built facility for practicing. Yet football has been provided with million dollars complexes.
Sadly this school is all about how much money you make, if you come from a low income home you better kiss sports goodbye. You will either be a number on the sidelines or not even make the team and told sorry you were just a second too slow. I have played sports all my life and didn't make a team and some with parents well known did not even have to try out.
As a student coming from a school of 100 I really thought I would be left in the crowd at Midway Highschool. However that was not the case as I had loads of teachers through out my academic career pushing me and helping me strive to be my best self.
Midway is one of the greatest schools when it comes to academic opportunity due to its surplus of clubs and classes that are not offered at smaller schools. However, the social side of the school and the administration team are far from ideal. It is hard to build relationships because of the large class size and the constant changing of classmates from year to year. I have made many friends over my tenure at Midway, but very few of my friendships were close. Next, the administration team is very strict and demeaning towards their students. This is because they fail to give students inalienable rights such as self defense and freedom of speech.
My experience with Midway High School is very good. I was Homecoming Queen and then my sister was Student of the year. Most of the teachers are every helpful and caring. The only thing I would change about it is the dress code because it takes away some of our right to express ourself with clothing.
Very large crowded school. Large student to staff ratios. I feel the administration is not in tune with what the true student needs are. They focus more on dress code than safety concerns. They tend to treat athletes different than the rest of the student body. Holding them at a lower standard many times.
Midway provides a large assortment of various opportunities for students. Whether it’s clubs, sports, or academics, Midway will most likely have something for you. For the most part, teachers care about their students and are typically well equipped.
I love being able to choose from so many options of classes from aerospace to floral design. Going to a big school has its ups and downs but the diversity is awesome. I would like to see teachers being more involved and putting time and effort to give us more than enough materials for what we are learning and giving us options based on our learning abilities.
Midway provides many opportunities for it’s students, which include providing IPads for every student, AP classes with qualified teachers, and plenty of clubs/ organizations for students to enjoy.
I had a great time at my school. They give everybody a chance for success even if you are a slow learner. They help to prepare you for college. Midway helped me to take my education seriously. One thing that I would change is giving more people of color opportunities to come there.
Midway had some very knowledgeable and interesting teachers, as well as many resources that help students organize and prioritize their work well. One of the downsides would have to be the regulation of curriculum for certain classes becauses some assignments had no long term goal in mind. Another thing I would want to change is having to pay for parking in their parking lot.
I enjoyed my time at midway because the teachers and staff go out of their way to help a student succeed.
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I went to Midway from kindergarten to twelfth grade and I enjoyed most of it. I did not enjoy the the fact that politics plays a HUGE roll in everything involved with this school. I did enjoy the competitive volleyball team that I was apart of. The classes were great and most of the teachers were too.
Great place for student and very large number of student involvement! Great programs for students! You can be taught out of 4 languages! Great Band, Sports, and other club! If your in Midway High school, if there is not a club that your not interested in, you can make your own and have to have a sponsor and any teacher would be glad to do it!
I like all the opportunities that were provided to me through Midway High School. I was able to be exposed to a wide variety of interesting classes and activities. I also appreciate that they are very advanced technologically. One thing I would like to see improved is more out-of-classroom learning opportunities.
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