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Midview Local School District Reviews

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Good teachers and school district that do the best they can to teach students with the tough curriculum put out there today.
Midview is a very cliché school where all stereotypes exist and the majority of the administration don't care about he students. The only upside is that many of the teachers turn into parents and eventually care about the students.
My experience at Midview has been great. However, I’d like to see an improvement in facilities. Our school is older that some of the teachers that work in it. There have been mold issues, ceilings have leaked onto the floors of hallways, and the flooring is less than modern. The bathrooms are an unsightly spectrum of greens and purples, perfectly painted by the puckish prisoners of its past.
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Midview is all about sports. If you're not in a sport you're over looked. The food is absolutely HORRIBLE.
I loved that all of the students at Midview were able to get along and include everyone in different parts of our programs. I really loved senior year football games because of paint crew.
During my time at Midview, there were lots of ups and downs. Some of Midviews best qualities include faculty, sports, and the way we were a family during the lows.
What I liked about My four years at Midview High School was the fact I had a family in the band program. I felt at home when I was playing music. This program shaped who I am today and who I will always be
All of the teachers I’ve had as teachers, coaches, or club leaders have been extraordinary. The Midview Local Schools have so much to offer and I’ve enjoyed my time here to say the least. I’m upset to be graduating but I know the school distrcit will continue to grow and impact others like it has impacted me. All I can say for improvement is to get more students involved in everything Midview has to offer. The experiences are incredible and everyone needs to take a risk to enjoy them.
I've been attending the Midview Local School district since I was in 3rd grade.
Overall the teachers were pleasant people, willing to help students to learn and grow. The choices in academic schedules are somewhat diverse and opportunistic.
I loved my four years at Middie high, I came in as a new student my freshman year and felt so welcomed by students and teachers. The teachers really try to connect with students and show they are about students academics and personal success.
It is home. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure each child gets the education they need. Even the bus drivers are fantastic. I would recommend Midview School District to anyone.
I loved how caring and involved all the teachers were with each and every student. I also loved the option to attend the Lorain County JVS through midview and explore career options.
I wish the MIdview Local School district has its pros and cons like any school. But most of the cons weigh out the pros. Many of the cons are that throughout the school, by teachers, lots of favoritism is showed, specifically to athletes. Midview is a school that has the opportunity to take classes through LCCC, but it is discouraged by counselors and teachers, for some reason. No one really knows of this program to take free college classes outside of Midview. I believe they should encourage students sooner to begin getting ahead rather than wasting the opportunity.
I went to Midview all my life. Overall the teachers are good, the facilities are safe and up to date, the student body is made up of wonderful people and it is a safe and comfortable place to learn. While I did run into problems with some of the administration refusing to address a serious problem with one of the students endangering others, the rules being cut throat and slightly ridiculous, and an awful lot of favoritism, it is overall a good school.
The teachers were very helpful when you need it. I feel like they could be a little more helpful when it comes to college, and helping you get ready. The facilities are very old and outdated, hopefully they get refurbished in the years to come.
I loved how some of the teachers were there for you even if your parents weren't. And How the people there are not afraid to be who they are supposed to be.The principle is a piece of work but the teachers make up for it all.
I really like my school. My teachers are always there when I need help and the staff is all so friendly. We're like one giant midview family. We are all so close and pretty much all know each other.
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Midview was a great school system to be apart of. They offered quality education and many opportunities to do dual enrollment or college credit. The teachers were very knowledgeable and caring about the students. You could definitely tell that the students were put first in this school system. A large variety of extra curricular activities are offered from varsity sports, to band, to drama club, to National Honors society. Midview Schools are truly a great school system and an asset to its community.
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