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I really loved all the opportunities I had at MISD: such as having a personal MACbook laptop. Having a laptop opened up many doors to new discovery and an opportunity to enhance my learning with technology. I have an entire world accessible at my fingertips. I would change how sports is more important than academics. Almost everyday, high school students had to be pulled out of class to support some sort of extracurricular activities. Overall, MISD is a great school system.
Midlothian is a very safe place with an environment suitable for anyone. The sports here are fair and competitive amongst all levels allowing for an outstanding growth for your child and a chance at playoffs. The education received is top notch, from the loving and devoted teachers to the overall curriculum.
Very conservative school district. Not the most accepting students and faculty. The extracurriculars are excellent, and well funded. Although budget for extracurriculars is very bias. Towards the beginning of my experience, nothing but the sports programs were appreciated, but as I grew so did MISD. The community started to appreciate the arts more than they ever had before. Bullying and drugs were kind of an underground problem, but the faculty seemed to get a hold on that. There are some teachers that are exceptional, and who love their students as their own. Those are the teachers that stand out. There is always food for those who can not afford it. That always brought me much pride
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Very good environment, but lacks school spirit, and lunch is not very good at all. Good friends, good structural support, good sports. Every sport is good. Soccer went to state, basketball and football went deep in playoffs.
the school is a very excellent school. i go here and there is a lot of diversity at the school. i love the school district that i go to and i would love to graduate one day.
Midlothian is your typical small town feel. While it is growing in development there is still nothing to do in this town. The schools are great otherwise the bullying issue in every single school.
Overall the school it's self is a great place to be. If I really had to complain about anything it would just be the atmosphere that some of the children make. Sometimes you can just feel out of place.
There are many things that I love about the Midlothian School District. I love the small town feel and culture that Midlothian has created. With the many hometown football games to the late night adventures at Whataburger, I have made so many wonderful memories that I will carry with me for a lifetime. In addition to the culture of Midlothian, I love the academic success and respectable staff that I have had the privilege of working with. Midlothian is not just where I live, it is my home and I would not be the same without it.
Supportive teachers that care about the WHOLE student. strength in academics, leadership and extra curricular de
Talented teachers in fine arts and a sweet community!
i moved to his school district right before freshman year. since then i have had many positive experiences with good teachers helping me with assignments, college readiness and helping me with preparing for life after high school
I have been attending school in Midlothian since Kindergarten. The schools here are fairly nice and it is all I have ever known. I do not like Heritage High School and I do not like the decisions they made while creating it. I also do not like that most of the money is spent on sports and not fine arts. Finally, I wish that they would pay an exterminating company to get rid of the rats and cockroaches in Midlothian High School.
Going to school in Midlothian means so much more than just an education opportunity. Going to Midlothian is seeing family every day, and enhancing your relationships with the people around you. Midlothian is a place where I feel welcome, as if I was sitting in my own house.
Midlothian High School offers so much. We have a lot of school spirit and that bring us together as a community. The teachers are always here for us and we are one big family.
I am currently attending Midlothian High School as a junior and am in all AP classes and participate in band as well as a Drum Major. Every teacher will help you succeed in anything you strive for whether present or future. For example, when my little sister was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia all of the teachers helped me get through school though I was absent periodically. I have had an absolutely wonderful and inspiring experience at Midlothian High School and my parents moved us here for the district. There is only one variable I would change in the school: a wider diversity of students.
I love it. I started here and Kinder and have grown up in MISD. I have had a wonderful experience at all campuses. I have had the same friends for many years. They have a lot of fun activities at Midlothian High School for everyone to enjoy.
Midlothian school district is strong and independent and I like how they handle situations. I wished that they would participate in more activities to boost school spirit but I love the school district!
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It's a good school district with good academics and readiness. Most of the teachers are prepared and strive for the students success.
Midlothian is a great place to be,The teachers are great and students are always kind.The athletic department is great with many challenges each day to help you become a better athlete.
The district allows bullying and harassment, high drop out rate, and very big in drugs. Teachers are helpful, it most don't care and will give you a slide show that they don't even know the information on to fill out instead of class work. Highly racist, race groups are pretty much segregated. Sports are mediocre. Band and theatre is good art gets very little funding. Also a really religious town and will attempt to shove Christianity down your throat. Discriminates against other religions
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