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Midland Public Schools was amazing. I never had any complaints about teachers. All of them care so much for all their students. There is always new clubs being formed and established so that there is always an opportunity for everyone. This is a great school system and I am very thankful for all the opportunities it provided me.
I loved the teachers. Never in my life have I gone to a school with more dedicated, compassionate staff. However, the student body can be a bit hard to get used to. Midland, being such a divided community, has incredibly wealthy students and poverty stricken ones. This can be some odd friction.
The teachers are very helpful and flexible. The schools do everything they can to make a comfortable and safe learning environment.
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Most of the staff is friendly, yet professional. There are a lot of things to do like clubs and sports and stuff. The teachers know what they are talking about and strive to help students learn. There is never a dull moment especially when we have assemblies.
Midland Public Schools has pushed me for the better. They prepared me for college with great curriculum and with a great teaching staff. Everyone is friendly and very supportive.
They provide educational opportunities to allow students the ability to pursue and obtain not just basic classes but challenging and well rounded.

While other school districts are cutting funding for fine arts, and vocational classes midland finds ways to continue to offer at top notch learning.
During my time at Dow High school in the MPS school district, I learned a lot and it prepared me for college well. I also think that all of the sports teams are pretty good and have good coaching around them. I wrestled, played football, and ran track at my school. The coaches make it a great experience and want to win just as bad as I do. Also, the best coach and one of the best mentors I have ever had was a coach for my wrestling team. In addition, I do not have any big issues about MPS or Dow High, I think the school system is run very well.
I moved to Midland the summer before my junior year and I was not excited about it. I thought I'd make new friends to make up for moving around every few years and leaving friends behind. I guess not. The school culture is horrible. Everyone is self involved and doesn't bother to make friends with new people. I was so much happier overseas than I am here. However, I've met amazing teachers, excluding the one who discriminates against minorities and people she doesn't like.
I liked the opportunity of all the different clubs and organizations however the support from some teachers was terrible and should be checked up on upon request and I found that was not happening for some and this should not be taken negative upon the teachers who did help and did an outstanding job with support
The teachers are always willing to help and they are very easy to talk to. More clubs to make new friends would be cool. There isn’t much to spark interest if you aren’t involved in sports.
Midland Public Schools are fortunate to have great teachers who care about their students. They go the extra step helping students understand subjects. They also make it fun to learn.
I have enjoyed being a part of clubs, varsity sports teams, and the National Honor Society at the school. Teachers are available and willing to help each student attain their individual academic goals. The high school I attend is diverse in its economic and social backgrounds. My school is very generous in helping those within the community who are in need by assisting in lunch programs, tutoring, athletic Pay-to-Play assistance. Safety for the students is a major priority of the administration and staff of each school.
Midland Public Schools (MPS), is an amazing school district to enroll your kids in. Coming from several different school districts around the country, MPS has the best teachers, staff, and overall best academically challenging curriculum. OUt of all the school districts I have attended, I have been challenged the most through MPS school district. With the patient teachers, principles, and front office ladies, I feel very comfortable at school. Without my dedicated teachers and MPS volunteers, I would have not have taken all advanced and AP/IB courses in high school and actually succeed in my studies!!
I feel as though all schools in the Midland Public schools district work as one. It truly feels like our school district is genuinely passionate about education. The new addition as of 2 years ago - ChromeBooks has really helped us quite a lot. We no longer have to travel to a computer lab to work online, it's right on our desks the whole time. It is also a great advantage for those who are unable to afford electronic devices at home. We get great funding, because our teachers are passionate for their work and strive to help us achieve our learning goals.
I have gone to Midland Public Schools all my life and I would say yes it's average. Because I say it's average is the school could use a upgrade. Like for MHS for example, the bathrooms are gross and the hand soap is nasty. The students are average some are mean and some are nice. Ever since kindergarten I have loved all my teachers and I still do.
My experience at Midland Public Schools has been, overall, very good. MPS has gone through a lot of changes since I started as a kindergartner. MPS has a great athletic program and I have been involved in track, lacrosse and hockey. We also have a great Student Resource Officer program with an onsite officer. While MPS did have a student involved shooting several years ago there was nothing different that MPS could have done as far as safety measures to have prevented this shooting.
Overall the teachers are all very nice and friendly. The students learn a lot, and leave felling very prepared for the future. One bad thing would include the vast amounts of homework given to the students.
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Midland public school is a great school. The teachers are great and they do a great job of encouraging kids to do their best.
No matter what school you attend through MPS, you will be apart of an engaged and passionate student body. Whether it be for Team 2619's recent victory in robotics, or the Midland High's all star women's soccer team, the students support all! Academics are excellent and the schools offer loads of AP and IB courses for students to take. Additionally, teachers really care about the students no matter their social background.
The teachers prepare all students for life after high school by providing the necessary life skills and education needed to be successful.
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