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Midland Park School District Reviews

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Teachers are great but the academics compared to the schools in the area is slacking. It is a very small school and everyone knows each other. The sports perform well for their size.
I liked the small town feel. Everyone knows each other. We are there for each other in good times and bad.
I love my school. Its small and everyone knows all the teachers and vice versa. This is very helpful because you really get to know the teachers and in turn, they help you reach your potential. My school is small and so there are not many AP classes you can take. I would change it to have more AP classes if I could.
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Midland Park schools were a wonderful growing experience for my family and I. My two brothers and I were able to make life long friends in this small community, while receiving an outstanding education from each district. As a student that struggled with academics, I was able to grow immensely on an educational level with dedicated and passionate teachers that worked hard to find what study habits were best for me. The Midland Park schooling system holds many of my greatest memories and accomplishments. Thanks to the tight-knit community of teachers and peers, I owe a majority of my college successes to my hometown middle school and high school.
All of the teachers really know their students and want them to succeed. There are plenty of opportunities for students and resources they can use.
Midland Park Middle School is very interesting. Midland Park is a small town so, grade 6 is still in the elementary school and grades 7 and 8 are in the high school. Being in middle school with the high school kids was scary at first but then I realized they wanted nothing to do with us younger kids. Us middle schoolers didn’t have any classes with them so it was fine. I met my best friends in 7th grade and i am so grateful because of our small school. If we had a big town with so many people in our grades who knows what I would be like now and who I would be friends with.
Midland Park is a very close knit school. Everyone, including students, faculty, and teachers are very friendly. Although it is not very diverse, you know everyone in the school has your back and looks out for each other.
The elementary school is fantastic. Teachers are dedicated as are principals. High school was 75% as good as elementary, but is picking up! Small school so it can't offer all the courses that a large school could.
Midland Park schools have some of the greatest teachers around. They're very caring and get to know you on a personal level. They think of creative ways to help you learn and make you're time there very enjoyable. Although not a diverse school, the students are definitely kind and respectful to each other. I always feel comfortable walking through the halls. As a senior, I no longer have to deal with petty middle school drama. We have all grown up with each other and I'm truly going to miss the school and everyone that has been apart of it for the past 12 years.
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