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I like how the administration at each campus handles situations.I also like how in the school district every teacher gives you the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of high expectations and standards the students hold themselves at.I would definitely want to see better safety as in checking bags or going through security before being able to enter the actual schools for the safety of friends i have a other campuses and siblings as well.
I went to Lee and it was alright. Football was really appreciated and the pep rally’s were cool. I was in band and had a lot of fun. The teachers weren’t that great but most left already. It was the best high school but it wasn’t awful either. Made a lot of close friends.
There is an exceptional program allowing high school seniors to graduate with their Associate's Degree from the community college, however, even in this exceptional program the flaws of MISD are still evident. Due to the high amount of work in the oil industry available it is difficult to keep well-educated teachers within the school system.
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Good district not lots of teachers, there is lots of diversity. Very nice schedule, there is a few schools to chose from, but they are all close.
I have been here for 2 years and have had a great experience. The facility is a little old and could use some updating. However the school and district work really hard to provide their students with opportunities to succeed and not only just get a degree but educating their students on graduating with a certificate in a trade.
I went to Lee High School. My AP teachers were rigorous, but with reason. They taught us how different the expectations are between regular and college teachers. The best part of my experience was the orchestra program. It set me on my career path that I am on today.
I wish they would aid the Fine Arts program in funding more because it feels neglected and I personally feel that we have to fight for funding.
I go to Lee high in Midland, Tx which is managed by Midland ISD. I have spent all of my 4 years of high school here and have nothing but great things to say about the staff, students, and facilities! The staff there truly want to see you succeed there and do their best to make that possible. Highly recommend this school district to anyone moving into the city soon.
I like that the arts are as valued as sports but the choosing of teachers is extremely poor and many people are in positions they are not qualified for.
It was a good experience overall, but they could use some work. They have teachers who were really passionate while having teachers who did not care. Some teachers favored students over others because of their family name or how popular they were. School spirit was a huge part.
MISD is nothing more than a factory designed to push out an undereducated workforce for the oil industry. There is no structure or discipline; teachers don’t teach anything substantive. Students are lightyears behind their peers nationally, and competing in a global market will be nearly impossible. They are conditioned to think there is nothing wrong with being stuck here. While oil companies plan for a future beyond fossil fuels, these kids believe those jobs will be here forever. No one is preparing them for college or advocating for them. It seems like most people don’t realize how poorly educated they are, because this is their only frame of reference. When these kids are done being passed through and are handed a diploma, they will know little more than the Texas pledge, and to vote against regulating things like fracking, that would give them cleaner water and more breathable air. They’ll use piss poor education to breed a few more generations beholden to the oil gods.
My experience at Lee High school was average to above average. I enjoyed most things but wished there was more campus involvement.
The Midland Independent School district is ridiculously crowded and the school board continues to do nothing about it. The teachers are hit or miss. I’ve had some of the most challenging, kind, and helpful teachers who are the reason I am prepared for college. But also, some of the rudest, self centered, and egotistical teachers who’s class I could skip 3 times a week and pass with a 110. The students in higher level classes are receiving a drastically different education that the students in lower level courses. The only positive influences I could see coming out of the Midland Independent School system is the knowledge and responsibilities learned from extra curricular activities such as band, choir, theatre, football, basket ball, track, etc.
i like the teahcers at misd, though there was a defiante ac issue this year as i was sweating in my classrooms.
It was very good, some teachers were very attentive to what we had to do and they maybe seemed like they cared, I was happy to spend high school there with all my friends
I feel like MISD only supports certain students that they want to support and leave the rest of the students to fend for themselves. If you are not well-known then you're basically out of luck.
What I liked was the independent thinking that was encouraged by our new principal. The school is very encouraging of academic accomplishments just as much as they are towards athletic achievements.
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I liked how teachers , students ,& parents worked together. The teachers in the fine arts and AP were wonderful to work with and cared a lot about the students !
I would like to see money allocated more evenly and. It so comcentrated on sports. I think administrators should be more in tune with the campus culture and what the
Teachers are really doing .
The secondary schools in the district are all out dated in technology. Teachers at both high schools have below standard. There are no computers for students to use in class and the teachers computers are very old.
I am currently a senior at Lee High School. I have been an MISD student all my school years. I enjoyed my elementary years. I learned a lot and made many friends. I had great teachers who cared about our education.
Junior high was fun as well. I had the opportunity to experience other opportunities like band. I was in band for one year. I enjoyed it, but realized it wasn't my passion.
I found my true passion in my freshman year when I joined choir. I had never been so excited about a class like I was about going to choir. Lee High School has the best choir program and Directors. I'm a two year All-State winner and our choir has won numerous UIL competitions.
Looking back at all my years as an MISD student and all the experiences I've had, I can truly and honestly say that I would not change a thing. Everything I have learned, experienced, accomplished, and achieved has made me who I am. And I love who I am!
I would like for the pep rallies to be more interesting and more control over what students do. I like that there are areas in my high school that I can sit outside.
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