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I love That our principle gives us opportunity to do things with eachother as a class. Teachers are becoming more teachable and Midfield high school is coming together as one.
I like the activities such as the athletic department, I loved that no matter win or lose we supported all our athletes. Football and basketball games where filled with students and parents and even faculties. I loved the fact that we were head strong about making a change to the school. We voiced our opinions about what we think should be changed about our school and fought for the things we wanted as students. I appreciate that no teacher left a student hanging, communication was understandable, you received the help that you needed if you needed it.
I have been a student at Midfield city schools since JCCEO. I love Midfield city schools with all my heart . I learn so much each and everyday at school from lessons , teachers , principals and so many more. I love and enjoy all of my teachers because they care about our future. The board of education is also great their always supporting us in everything we do and achieve such as basketball games , football games, awards and honors day and so much more . I'm proud to say that I go to Midfield City Schools.
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I love that midfield isn't that big of a city in general and as far as the school goes, the teachers are awesome and the classes are fit for the child.
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