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Middletown Township Public School District Reviews

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I love Middletown Township School District; however, the administration should get on the same page. Sometimes different schools do things differently.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Middletown Township Public School District. They offer great academics and great sports and clubs outside of the classroom. The teachers have always been friendly towards students and offer extra help at all times so it is very easy to communicate and become closer with your teachers. The Middle town Township Public School District has also provided me with a Chromebook that I can take to and from school in order to complete classwork and homework. I have been here when we were using paper and had very few computers they now have laptop carts in the elementary schools. They have made great strides to help the students learn efficiently as possible and have employed great teachers as well. I enjoy going to this district as they care about the students and care about my performance in the classroom.
Overall, the Middletown Township District is a great district. The principles are very caring to their students and considerate. Coming in as a transfer student really let me experience the middletown district in a positive point of view.
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I spent K-12 attending Middletown township schools. Personally I had a great time for the most part attending the schools. I had a few issues with counseling problems throughout my time there. Whether it was for me personally, or me reaching out for a friend that was in need. Just like in any other school district there were a few teachers that weren't the best, but overall I had a great experience growing up and being educated through this school district. If given the opportunity, I would love to have my future children grow up in this area and go to these schools.
School is average with student type, nothing special about the kids. Their curriculum is very good and so are most of the teachers
I have been a student in the Middletown Township Public School district for twelve years and being a part of a district so dedicated to seeing its students succeed has been life-changing for me. The opportunities I have been blessed with as being a part of this district allowed me to grow as both a student and a person and because of that, I will be attending the college of my dreams in the fall. I will be forever grateful for the experiences and opportunities that the Middletown Township Public School district has granted me over the last twelve years and I will continue to carry these members and skills with me throughout all of my future educational endeavors.
I really like the variety of classes offered but like most things, it's hit or miss with the teachers you have. Some are great and very willing to teach, others don't teach very much and nitpick on everything.
I enjoyed my teachers the most out of anything, they help me academically on their own time and make sure I am properly getting a full education and a fair grade in their class. My teachers are easy to talk to and talking to them helps me if I am stressed about schoolwork because they will do their best to understand me. I wish the school district was more clear and reasonable with the different implementations they put in such as the new midterm and final schedule and the future combined ap classes with different high schools.
I attended Middletown Townships public schools since middlescchool. Moving from a different state was definitely hard for me especially being at that age where I’m going to really miss my old friends. I walked through the doors the first day of school and at the and of the day I already had made two friends. The principal at my middle school had came up to me and asked how I was doing. The lunch ladies always treated the children with respect. The teachers all valued their jobs very much and they had a sense of purpose being in that position. I can strongly say that this was the right schooling system to be a part of.
I think that tenure is a big issue in Middletown. If a teacher has tenure, they can pretty much do whatever they want and get away with it. A teacher threw a chair at a student and didn't get fired. Teachers who have tenure don't seem to put much effort into teaching (based on my observations when I was a student). Sports are great up until high school, where all anyone cares about is football. You are played in other sports based on favoritism of the coach, not if you are a good player in the field. Academics are great. I had learned a lot.
These schools focus no teaching children to be independent, progressive students. The facilities are nice and well maintained. The teachers are caring and communicative. We found that most employed teachers were raised in Middletown and went through the school systems themselves. There are a lot of young teachers.
My experience in Middletown was overall pretty great. As I reflect on my last year in my school in this district I think back to when I moved and switched districts in third grade. I was pretty shy and the teachers and students helped me branch out and break out of my shell. I will most definitely miss the district and all of the teachers who have helped shape who I am today.
The school district offers a lot, academically. The teachers are always there to make sure that the high school experience is the best that it could be. I have grown over these past for years at Middletown High School North. I have found myself and have been prepared for college.
Fairview, Bayshore, and North were excellent schools that all did their part in getting me ready for each next step, and to be able to thrive in college. Having certain classes, such as those in the social sciences, could benefit from being made more deliberative.
I received a good education here and am very happy with the friends I made, I just wish I received more help and guidance from my teachers and counselors when trying to find my path instead of intensely struggling as I did for a while.
For the most part, school was more based about getting a decent grade to get into honors courses, than it was in regards to actually learning something. This may be an issue with modern education as a whole, but with the resources this community has, I think that by their senior year of high school, students should be prepared for basic college courses.
In the past four years I have seen dramatic changes within my own life. Most, if not all of the activities that I currently participate in are because of the connections I have made in Middletown High School South. I am a varsity athlete in track and field, I acompany the choir on piano, I play in a band (three out of four of us attend South), I volunteer for a local nonprofit named Breast Intentions, I play piano and bass as a volunteer for the VFW Jazz Band, I work part-time at an Italian restaurant, and I am a Civic Leader. I have made more friends at South than I would have ever thought, thanks to these activites. Not only will these connections provide me with a solid friend group, but it will give me a great advantage in the work place. In my opinion, there is no skill more important than networking, and if one were to become friendly with guidance counselors and truly apply themselves at Middletown High School South, one should expect to see nothing but a bright future.
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I went to Thompson Middle School and out of district for high school. It prepared me for high school math, but it did not prepare me for high school english classes, especially for grammar.
I enjoyed my experience at the middletown public schools. The faculty at these schools are very friendly and knowledgeable on the subject areas that they teach. The students are also welcoming to new students.
As a senior at Middletown High School South, I have been a Middletown Township Public school student for twelve years. Throughout my years as a student, I have been academically challenged and feel extremely prepared to begin my college experience. In middle school, I had low self-esteem and would constantly second-guess myself. The positive attitudes and pushing of my teachers has increased my confidence significantly. Each teacher I have had the pleasure of having has impacted me in some way, such as my 10th grade U.S. history teacher, Mr. Ventre. He was more than just my teacher, he was my friend. He encouraged his students to speak with him if they were having a bad day, and was genuinely upset if something was bothering a student. The teachers contributed the most significantly to my experience; however, the wide array of classes, athletics, food, and atmosphere also made my school experience great.
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