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Middletown Township Public School District Reviews

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My time spent in the Middletown Public District was only for my high school career. The school is very accepting to everyone and offers a plethora of activities and clubs. My experience is different from others due to the fact that I had no friends coming into Freshman year. I made friends though the soccer program and have been friends ever since. It is a nice and safe school but not that all diverse.
Middletown was a great experience. They offer a lot of classes in different subject areas and a lot of opportunities for AP classes.
The school district was very supportive of your goals and aspirations. But the school districts were racially different. South was mostly Caucasian, while North was mostly minorities.
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Middletown was a nice place to go to school. There were a lot of good opportunities such as different clubs and honor societies, as well as a variety of different types of people to connect with.
I have had a fantastic experience being a student in the Middletown Township Public School District. The great thing about the district is the people. We have fantastic administrators, teachers, staff, and students that make the experience so special. I have learned so much throughout the years and know that my experience in Middletown has prepared me extremely well for my future academic career.
The teachers made me feel like anything was possible, and they made me want to be a better person. They pushed me when I felt like I could not go any further.
I loved my experience in the Middletown School District. There were always activities for students to join and a club or sport for everyone. I joined multiple sports and clubs!
I believe while it is a very good school district the administration does not try to engage with students but rather treat them like the grades they have rather than what they can achieve. The administration cares for students that thrive but when a student isn't the cause is just on the student when sometimes all they need is some guidance. I enjoyed my time in this school district but there are times where I believe the administration could be more helpful to the students. Finally, I believe that sports are very important however there is such an issue with the bussing and many top-notch athletes can not get the sporting events they need to in order to show their athletic ability.
The absence policy MUST GO. Simply ridiculous. It is an absolute joke that students have to go through such a hassle over being sick! I have gone to school with a fever because if I stayed home another day, I would be at risk for a loss of class credit; meanwhile I have 90+ in almost all of my classes.
Middletown South can give as much as you put in. Along the way of graduating I met people that I will remember for the rest of my life, but that goes to say that there are people you hope to forget. That is for any High School experience though. I have at least 3 teachers now as a college students that I reach out to just to check in and gather advice from. The people of Midd South are very hard working and humble people. You Just have to make the best of it.
I have been a student of Middletown Public Schools my entire schooling and learning career. I think the teachers growing up were very helpful and influenced their students to become individuals and truly embrace what they find interesting and enjoyable. Now in high school, I wish the students were more kind and still took hold of these lessons soon forgotten. It is a shame people are not nice to each other and puts others in a negative mood. Otherwise, I have enjoyed my time as a Middletown Public School student and I don't know if I would want to grow up anywhere else.
I love this school district. I think all the teachers are passionate to teach the students. I believe that there is help around every corner which is very important.
Second of two children going through South. Guidance has gone beyond expectations on directing kids while in high school and preparing them for college.
There aren't really any problems, but I think the teachers don't spend as much time as they should teaching and explaining the subjects. They mostly assign us the work and tell us to go do it.
I have attended Middletown Township Public School District since kindergarten and in only six months I will be graduating. Each school in the district does their best to push their students to the best of their abilities. As a current student at Middletown High School North, I have been apart of many clubs and sports; I am very happy with the variety of clubs and sports, I think it gives students the ability to express themselves. The academics within the district are excellent, the teachers always put their all into their students and help them achieve their goals. I am very happy to say that I will soon be a graduate of a Middletown high school.
I had many great memories at Middletown North and I feel like I have advanced in my education. I just wish we had better safety measures at school. Overall the sports programs are okay and everyone is very involved with school.
I enjoy the company of the people I attend school with. Also how connected and helpful the teachers are with their students or any student for that matter. They try their best to do everything they can for their students to be in a safe and good edcuational environment.
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I love Middletown Township School District; however, the administration should get on the same page. Sometimes different schools do things differently.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Middletown Township Public School District. They offer great academics and great sports and clubs outside of the classroom. The teachers have always been friendly towards students and offer extra help at all times so it is very easy to communicate and become closer with your teachers. The Middle town Township Public School District has also provided me with a Chromebook that I can take to and from school in order to complete classwork and homework. I have been here when we were using paper and had very few computers they now have laptop carts in the elementary schools. They have made great strides to help the students learn efficiently as possible and have employed great teachers as well. I enjoy going to this district as they care about the students and care about my performance in the classroom.
Overall, the Middletown Township District is a great district. The principles are very caring to their students and considerate. Coming in as a transfer student really let me experience the middletown district in a positive point of view.
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