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Middletown School District Reviews

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It is a new school and moderately clean, although it is said that this school is run like a prison, we are told when we can stand and nost of the bathrooms are locked all day.
Middletown School District was very nice. Teachers are all very nice and are properly prepared to teach their students. However, when it came to the high school level, I do not feel that my children were properly prepared for the college life and work load.
I like that the Middletown school district is very diverse and has many teachers who do a good job at preparing students for higher levels of education. Although there is diversity and good teachers, i feel that the students don’t put enough effort into their academics and don’t seem to care about their futures. This is partly the fault of the schools, who fail to actually discipline students who misbehave and constantly skip classes. Teachers need to do something to stop this behavior, instead of constantly reminding these students to do the right thing, which they never listen to.
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Middletown has a very good education. There are some behavioral issues that aren't always dealt with, but the teachers are amazing and really care for the students.
I am not happy with the Middletown School District. While I attended Middletown High School I was severely bullied and when I reached out for help I did not receive any. I was attacked by a student my freshman year and no action was taken.
My experience with the Middletown School District was very good. I felt that they provided me with as many opportunities as they could. There is also a lot of activism in the community. Everyone that I have encountered in the district will go above and beyond to help accommodate your needs and make your education the best it can be.
I love the teachers that I have and the classes I get to take. The teachers out here and the classes are very diverse and teach a large variety of different subjects and caring teachers that will work one on one with each student to help us advance ourselves and understand the material. However, if I had to change something it would be the poor food and after-school activities. Currently, most activities are sports or equality related if there could be more technology-based activities for students so that the students can enter a college or apply for a job of their choice with experience already within that field.
The Middletown School district is average however staff and administration are working towards encouraging more students to take upper level courses, such as Honors and AP, and towards more equity in the classroom. The schools all have many activities through the year for students and parents.
I am a graduate of Middletown High School and attend a University and would like to have been more prepared.
I would like to see guidance and the school as a whole put forth more effort into preparing the senior class. There has been a lack of structure for senior class activities and college readiness. Resources are not made available unless you hunt for them.
Overall I really like my experience at Middletown High School district. I have attended Middletown High School for the past 4 years and I believe they have prepared me for college. Through the challenging academics and excellent teachers and resources they provide the students with, I am prepared for college. The school spirit and extracurricular activities are also a great part of Middletown High School.
The school is too big for half the bathrooms to not have soap or working sinks. Faculty is trying it's best but with crowded classrooms and under resourced students it becomes more and more frustrating when students want to actually LEARN without distractions.
Great school for my daughter to have attended. I hope her college experience, the professors and the crowd of student and other peers are as great and good and helpful as they have been at middletown high school. The sports she played there have helped her succeed academically and physically gave her a boost in her confidence. She had plenty of friends being that she attended lacrosse at middletown high. So happy with this school
I would like to see a more diverse teaching faculty. I believe because of the lack of diversity the minority students are pigeon holed into a sterotype that is unwarranted. We do want to learn and become better people but I feel as though the teachers are more focused on the white students.
Middletown is a large city that is very diverse. Especially at the high school, there is a wide variety of clubs, sports, elective classes, food, and people to hang out with.
What I personally love about Middletown Public Schools Systems is that they provide so much support to every student and their schools are very diverse.
School district is super engaging for students and parents and families are extremely involed as well. overall school district is amazing.
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We were in the Westfield area, the quiet corner of Middletown. my child was challenged academically and supported. The after school programs are varied, something for everyone I would think. Some of the teachers could have been more supportive, but that's true everywhere. I have no major complaints. More parent involvement would be an asset
catholic high schools, a technical high schools and a public high school what more can you asked for. I've had three boys attend each one of these schools and they are on top of the world!! Thank you Middletown!
School was always my second home: full of curiosity, friends, and fun. From kindergarten to senior year, I have learned to grow and develop into a well-rounded young adult. Each teacher is there for you, with the SOLE purpose of seeing you thrive. I find it amazing how everywhere I look there is help, whether it's from a teacher, a peer, and even administration. I have accomplished so much here and I would not trade the experience for the world. When I graduate in June, I'll be so sad to leave. I'm even going to miss the stereotypical inedible school lunches..
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