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I enjoyed my time at the high school. Academically, the teachers need to be demanding of the students. Some students will pass the class when they rarely even show up. The sports are average, but some coaches have favorites and lots of drama arises.
Great classes, supportive teachers, and overall positive community. Many students have solid support systems of peers and teachers, along with community leaders. Other than some outdated resources and few unmotivated teachers, a great school system.
Teachers seem to really care. I like the smaller class sizes, & that fact that my entire graduating class all really know one another well.
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The Middletown Public Schools have a great and friendly environment. The Middletown Public Schools teachers and staff are kind and caring. The Middletown Public Schools need more resources (money, equipment, and personnel) to have more dedicated athletes in sports, better instruments and facilities for the music department, and many other extracurricular activities. The Middletown Public Schools have a very diverse environment (teachers, students, and staff). There are many options for clubs and extra curricular activities in the Middletown Public Schools. The Middletown Public Schools are in need of better facilities for sports and music as well as classrooms. The parents in the Middletown Public Schools need more involvement to ease school operations.
They need to add more trade related classes. When I first went to the school there were so many programs for us to do. Towards the end of my sophomore year they got rid of the metals shop and the home education. The school is failing to teach us what we need to know to be successful in our life.
I truly enjoyed my experience at MHS and will forever be grateful to many teachers and administrators. I would like to see more courses available in business and languages.
The Middletown Public Schools system has given me a fantastic educational experience. The teachers always know how to assist their students in career readiness and college preparation. Administrators take time to talk one on one with their students to ensure that they are on the path which will bring them the most success. The overall atmosphere of the schools are very friendly and welcoming. No matter where you come from or what your background is, there is always a place for you in Middletown. The staff is very supportive and caters to military dependents, and I can say from personal experience that they are very military friendly. They also welcome international students from around the globe, giving them a wonderful experience and helping them on the path to success. Thanks to Middletown Public Schools, I have found my true calling and I know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
Great school! Administration is constantly working to improve education. Teachers are dedicated and very accessible. Wide range of sports and extracurricular activities.
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