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The Middletown City School District is admirable because of its diverse student and faculty population. All sorts of different people are involved in multiple successful organizations, teams, or groups. Though these things are true, I would very much like to see the culture and view of Middletown and Middletown Schools changed. The community needs to come together and show people that this is not the negative society it is believed to be.
I received a decent education there, but I feel like it really didn't prepare me for college. I understand that a lot of students don't apply themselves. That shouldn't mean that the school can make things easier to get those students to pass. That hurts the students that do try. I also feel like I didn't know anything about college until I was already in it.
As a freshman I began my high school time with high expectations. Middletown is a rough area and education is what you make of it. The teachers here focus on the students who struggle and the students who do not struggle have to self motivate in order to be successful. As I continued through, I have learned nothing is given and that hard work cannot be taught. As I matured I understood the teacher standpoint on helping others that struggle. I began to share that passion and my opinion has changed on how the school is run. I have gotten to know a lot of staff and respect each one of them for the jobs that they do. They are engaged in the community, outreaches, and other various programs. We have recently undergone new construction and our school looks very inviting. The community and school have come together to make Middletown High a place we can be proud of. I have no doubt our futures will be better because of them.
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The school itself is very diverse but the overall quality of education is probably the worst in Ohio the only way to do welll at the school is get enrolled into the advanced classes.
Middletown City Schools are a great school district. I attended both the middle and high school in the district. I really enjoyed the middle school. The teachers were very caring and very engaging. High school was okay. It should be mandatory for the counselors to help with career planning on an individual level.
I grew up in the Middletown City Schools. I found that the elementary teachers were the best because they cared about you and your education. The middle school has lots of activities for everyone. There's always something a student can get into whether it's in arts, academic, or athletes. The high school is the same way. It's mainly geared towards athletics, but its known for it's arts as well . I used to play in the orchestra and I can't even explain how exciting that adventure was.
Okay, I do not know where to start. Academics seem to be behind then other schools I went to. This is the second worse school I have been to and I went to 6 different high schools.
Great teachers! The staff is caring and the people here just want to build a stronger community. They really want the best for the students.
Middletown City School District presents great opportunities, especially with sports, but lacks in academics and extracurricular activities outside of sports.
They really helped me to grow as a student. Teachers are very supportive. There is a wide variety of classes to choose from including advanced placement classes.
I attended Middletown High School from Freshman to Senior year. I met people from all walks of life and learned about their backgrounds. I played football at Middletown all four years and was a three year varsity starter on the team. Middletown has taught me that things don't always go your way and that you have to believe in yourself when nobody else does.
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