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Loved this school. I was on one of the many sports teams a couple of years ago and it was a fun experiance
The dedication and tenacity built into the Middletown City Schools District really helped me to become the ambitious and determine woman that I am. This school district exerts great efforts in order to help its students' succeed and are truly deserving of great recognition. Through the schools STEM program, myself as well as many of my fellow students have been able to recognize the importance of technological advancement and how essential it is to humanities future progress.
Unless you are severely impoverished, avoid this school. If you’re not, your children will have a hard time here. Children that do not cause problems (fighting, cursing, stealing, smearing feces on the wall) often get lost in the shuffle and suffer academically. I suggest finding another district.
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My experience in the Middletown Highschool was average it had its ups and downs. I made many friends and had many fun experiences in wrestling and with my teachers. I broke my leg my freshman year where I was out of school for a while. That was my major catastrophe in Highschool but after that it was smooth sailing for me.
From the first day of ninth grade to my senior year I made life long friendship. The teachers at Middletown High School are caring and are always available for you when you need them. Students have pride in their school and it is had been shown throughout my four years there.
Middletown City School District is an an above average school district located in Orange County, NY. The Districts engagement opportunities for all students is a cornerstone to their school program.
Middletown is a very diverse town, and my peers are diverse as well. The school itself is very advanced and has great programs. However, I have found that the teachers are much more focused on test scores than actually teaching. The population of Middletown High School is rude, and there have been many instances where we've all been implicated because of something one student has done. Overall, it's not the best high school but it's not the worst.
I loved the support I’ve received from all staff members in Middletown high school. It gave me a better perspective when it comes to school because I started to like school more and more. After being in Middletown High School, I just loved learning and being involved in school so much.
I personally enjoyed being apart of the Middletown City School District, the schools are nice, especially with the brand new renovations, the staff is good and the academic approach is wonderful!
Honestly, I feel like Middletown itself has very poor standards. The food is poor, I have a class where there are bird inside of the air conditioning unit, the teachers are so so rude & they do not prepare you for college. You have to take it upon yourself to talk to a counselor, there’s no college readiness class or anything you actually need to know for the future.
I believe Middletown City schools have shaped me into the person I am today in the best way possible. As a student I am provided with a lot of opportunities that a lot of other students in other districts may not have. For example, the access to new collaborative spaces to study, the ability to have an individual chromebook for my school work and the endless academic and extracurricular activities they have to offer. It is certainly a privilege to attend and graduate from middletown high school.
There are many different sports and sports divisions. The stadium is very nice, as are the rest of the sports facilities. There isn't much diversity regarding clubs, but what clubs there are, are very well managed, and very fun to participate in and join in activities. The use of Chromebooks and other electronics in class integrated very well in most classrooms. The technology and STEM classes are also very high quality.
Its okay, I've been here for four years and have rooted myself deeply into their music program. I really like the teachers and faculty and the security guards make me feel safe.
I have always attended Middletown schools, and in my experience, it isn't very different from other schools in the area, but we are more active when it comes to clubs and sports, at least in my opinion.
After attending Middletown High School for four years, I have been impressed with the new innovations they come up with every year. Such as uniting the teachers and students who are driven to come together in order to volunteer our time to help our society. Meanwhile, everyone who participates in making this school not only about education but also having fun experience, goes above and beyond; making it more desirable to come to schoo. In addition, our teachers only treat us like we are one of their own, since they only want the best for us. This is extended to staying after hours to help with us with understanding our troubles in a subject or someone to give advice to. Middletown High School offered me various college classes from Syracuse University which gave me a great opportunity to have a taste of college work.
My experience in this school was amazing. The staff and teachers were wonderful and helpful. I enjoy going to this school.
They have used their grants efficient in order to improve the education of the students. They are always willing to listen to what the students want and they take it into consideration. For example, this year, they recently opened up the new Collaborative spaces where students can stay after school until 6:30 and study or finish their homework. Additionally, they provide transportation at three different times after school so that the student can decide when they want to leave. Also, the students have the opportunity to get a mini dinner if they choose to stay after school. Another great aspect that they have recently implemented was the breakfast to go vending machines. There were a couple of vending machines placed throughout the High School building where it is open for students to pick and grab their choosing of a breakfast. Very grateful for the opportunities that are available to me and my fellow classmates at Middletown High School.
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I liked the atmosphere but it was also hard to get a good education because not enough discipline was enforced on the kids that disrupted the class.
I enjoy the students and staff of Middletown City Schools. The students are very friendly and accepting of different people and the staff is so willing to help you. The school is extremely diverse, allowing more exposure to different cultural backgrounds. One way to better the school, even more, would be to incorporate parent involvement a bit more to create a better relationship between administration and the families of the district.
I would like for more activities and educational things to be done for the cultural holidays. When it comes to black history month they only talk about a select few every year. That's even if the administration does anything at all. As a whole the student body needs to be more educated about black history, and it should be incorporated more into the curriculum.

Another thing would be changing the repercussion policy in regard to how people are punished in physical altercations. People who have anything to do with the fight are suspended without even considering why one has gotten involved in the action to begin with. Instead of being so strict the diacritics should focus on using more pathos in these situations.
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