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Middletown Area School District Reviews

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School district was terrible while I attended, now my children attend, not much has changed. Much more better schools around, especially on west shore.
Middletown Area High School is now a beautiful landmark within Middletown, PA. A few years ago, the entire school was reconstructed leaving a beautiful atmosphere for the students to thrive upon. The teachers and staff are very friendly and are always looking out for the students. They feel as if they must do everything in their power to make sure everyone is succeeding which is very beneficial towards the students. The sports programs allow for students to interact and make friends as they have fun and cheer for there team. Clubs also exist allowing students to find their homes within the district and share their passions with others. Overall, the environment is lovely and the students are lucky to be in such a caring place.
The teachers put forth effort to ensure that students have a good understanding of what is being taught and that they never leave the classroom with unanswered questions. The guidance counselor and other office officials go above and beyond to make sure all students are prepared for life after graduation, whether that be college, the military, or the workforce.
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Middletown offers many opportunities to all students academically and socially in order to grow and improve yourself. In my four year experience, I was involved in multiple clubs and sports. this led to many friendships and opportunities to serve the community. All clubs and sports are open to all students in the school district to participate in. Growing up in Middletown has left me with everlasting memories with family and friends.
Brand new high school that is a major improvement over the old high school. Good hands on STEM classes.
At Middletown Area School District, you can find certain teachers that you will like and may stay in contact with for the rest of your life. The high school, on the other hand, is absolutely terrible. No freedom for students, strict dress code but only for certain people (mainly girls). Football players remain unpunished for literally everything. The high school and middle school are the two worst schools in the district but the elementary schools seem well and supportive of students and their success unlike the middle school and the high school.
Middletown is a very student -interested school. Although Middletown is a small school there is a huge variety of different clubs and organizations that the students can join. The teachers at Middletown are very personal but maintain their relationships at a professional level. Middletown is a small school which allows everybody to know everybody. Students at Middletown can be three-sport athletes while also being involved in as many other clubs as they would like, and the coaches/club leaders understand that students are busy and involved. Middletown also has a Pathways Program that every student has to complete in order to graduate. Although some students do not like the idea of the Pathways Program, the program helps students prepare for the future. As a previous exchange student, I can also say that Middletown is very flexible and willing to help students study abroad while completing their schooling on time.
My experience was positive. The school provides you with the tools and resources for your school work. We have an assigned school ipad. A student can email a teacher with questions with immediate response. We easily upload our work so the teacher can view it. Teachers are always willing to help you or find someone to help. No concerns at all. Very happy student.
I loved how much our teachers supported us there no matter what. A lot of them took their kids under their wings and guided them in many ways that we needed. I would love to see them change things that were guided to college to make it more realistic rather than make it some scary thing that it really is not.
Middletown Area High School is really a great school. The most important thing I like about being a student at Middletown is the pathway program the school has and all the different opportunities we get each year of our high school to explore careers in our pathway.
The school is very nice however the students and teachers aren't the nicest. We just got a new high school however it was very hard to find your way around because it was so big.
Attending Middletown Area School District was an overall pleasure. Many of the teachers and staff went out of their way for students and genuinely wanted to see them exceed. There was also a lot of opportunities to get involved in clubs, sports, and activities. If there were one thing I'd say this school district would have to work on, though, would have to be preparing students for college and the real world. Though they seemed to attempt this, I found that once I entered the college world, it was much different than what I had been trained to expect.
I'm a current Junior at Middletown Area High School (MAHS) in Middletown, PA. Our school offers an environment that boosts focus and creates a positive atmosphere for learning and understanding in the classroom. Here at Middletown, each student is assigned an IPad to use for all of their educational purposes. MASD is also a huge advocator for the Five Pathways program. The pathways are: Science and Health, Human Services, Arts and Communications, Engineering and Industrial Technology, and Business, Finance and Information Technology. I am in the EIT pathway. This is because I plan on majoring in either mechanical, environmental, or civil engineering when I go to college. MASD also has courses that are taken during 8th, freshman, and sophomore year. These courses are Career Readiness, Futures I/II. The information taught in these classes are all about college readiness. Also all Juniors, in order to graduate, must complete a full day of "shadowing" a professional out in the work field.
What I liked: friendly teachers, I like the way the schedule works and the new school building is great!
What I don't like: very limited on school distributed iPad, dress code isn't equally enforced.
I am currently a sophomore at the Middletown Area Highschool and I've gotta say I love getting up and going to school every day. It's such a fun environment to be in and everyone there is super nice. My teachers personalize how they teach me and the whole class based on our personal learning styles. I wouldn't want to call any other school, my school.
I believe that Middletown has an outstanding education. As a student Middletown is very easy to fit into we are very accepting and we have many clubs, classes, and athletic teams that you could be a part of. Our classrooms are very opening and the teachers are more than willing to help any students that are struggling. Our teachers do their best to provide the students with n education that they will remember. This allows us as student to thrive in high school and college. When I entered the doors on my first day of High School I felt welcomed, along with being in a place that cared about their students.
My overall experience was a roller coaster ride. Teacher wise, there is either an A+ or and F-. I had some teachers that I just want to get in my knees and thank for hours on end. And then there are other teachers that were responsible for my yearly GPA drop. Education wise, I would grade it a B-. Although I am appreciative and proud of what I learned, compared to to other schools, I feel like I still missed out on some things. Overall, I am proud to be an(almost) alumni from this school. The people I have grown close to over the years could not have been better and I have never seen so much pride and spirit within four walls.
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As a senior I can say that I have had a ,any good and bad experiences . I feel that as far as my education I have had the opportunity to choose classes that have helped me prepare for my college career. My teachers have been very supportive and helpful. This year we built a new school,and the building is beautiful. They have upgraded the heating and cooling system which makes it a better learning environment. I am very happy with the education I am receiving. I would change how the school views its dress code, it is very unfair to the female students. I feel that all in all I have had a positive experience at Middletown.
A good school that is the epitome of school spirit. The kids are positive and the school is extremely community-oriented. A school that does not lack in spirit and has an extremely attentive staff.
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