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I am sad that Mr.Merrill will not be the Principal of Middleton High for the 2019-2020 school year. He is exactly what we need to keep kids from dropping out and feeling unsafe at school. That it the purpose of school, to teach us children and teenagers how to be adults. Why is the school board, whose duty is to look out for what's best for the students, are they taking away someone who improves so many students yearning to go to school the each day?
Middleton is a small town west of Boise, Idaho. This small town has tendency to play favorites or big ignore issues that take place. For example, a few elementary school teachers decided to dress up as "Trump's Wall" for cultural day. The teachers were on suspension for a few days and that was it. They teach at a school full of children who do not understand what they are doing or what it means. In my opinion, that is not what teachers should be showing children.
Middleton High School has an amazing school atmosphere and student life. We are lead by the most involved and caring principal I have ever known. The sports programs here are incredible and the majority of them are leaders in the district. The academics are about average. We have some very interesting and challenging courses, but we also have several courses and teachers that are lacking. Middleton High School also lacks several opportunities that other schools have considering that we are a newer, rather rural school district. The other schools in the district are pretty good as well. The middle school here could use a little improvement with bullying issues and teacher involvement. The three elementary schools here are great academically, but they are all very overcrowded. All schools here also lack certain safety features, especially the elementary and middle schools.
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Honestly just the best school ever. That’s all I have to say. Honestly just the best school ever. That’s all I have to say. Honestly just the best school ever. That’s all I have to say. Honestly just the best school ever. That’s all I have to say.
Middleton is a great highschool to be at. it has many great academic programs as well as musical, theater and several art programs. they issue us laptops so that we can all keep caught up on are schoolwork which is extremely important. Middleton makes sure we know of almost all opportunities made available.
The staff at this elementary school is full of racist peckerwoods . The staff at this elementary school is full of racist peckerwoods .
Find another district. You can see by the averages in academics that they are less then proficient, and judging by the latest news the ignorance starts with the faculty.
I love Middleton High School. The teachers are great and really get to know their students and what they need to succeed. Middleton has embraced technology and all of its benefits. I feel that the college prep is exceptional and very relevant to the students.
I am currently a Senior at Middleton High School and have loved the way that it is run. The teachers really care about the students, and with a few exceptions work hard to go the extra mile to teach in a way that is easy to learn. Most of the students are respectful to everyone, and there is not much bullying. As far a the facilities go, it is about as good as it gets. Our school was built just a few years ago, and the campus is optimized for learning. The school has a one to one laptop program. This is utilized fairly well, as it helps to learn quicker and makes it easier to stay organized. The administration is amazing, and our new principal, Mr. Merrill, has been great at getting involved in everything. He has as much school spirit as any of the students. The only complaint that I would have about Middleton High is that the math classes are a year behind most other schools in the valley. Overall, I have had an excellent time a Middleton, and I am sad to leave it when I graduate.
Overall, this school built me as a student. The teachers and staff are always friendly and always there to help you out. The district has great resources and is growing immensely! Acedemics are working to catch up with this growth and they are trying to accommodate for all the students! I loved going to school here even if it was only a couple years.
I have never felt so welcome in a school before. The teachers and administration care immensely for each and every student and their education. At the beginning of this year, they asked everyone in our school to make one wish and write it down. These wishes ranged from "I wish I had a pizza" to "I wish I could have presents under the tree this year for my family". Throughout this school year people's wishes have been granted. Around Christmas time there was a surprise assemble held called the "Wish Assembly" where they granted multiple gifts all at once. I had never seen as much happiness in one room until that point and I was shown how much we mattered to our school. The staff at the school cares about us so much, that they are willing to grant even our most miniscule wishes.
I have met and made many friends. Able to participate in the great sports programs. The teachers are great and are there to help you along the way of highs school. Each teacher wants you to succeed and get though high school. Recommend the school to anyone who wants to experience a great high school experience.
Great staff that cares about the kids and their future success. Amazing facilities and athletic programs.
I love the community feel. I grew very close to nearly every member of my class. I’ve loved the teachers I’ve had and I’ve always received help with anything I needed
I liked the atmosphere in the school, and how people would interact with others. The only thing that was substandard was the college readiness. This is something that was just added to the curriculum, but before this was added we were not being prepared for college at all.
I like the Middleton Idaho school district a lot. They are very up to date with grades, and there is a lot of opportunities for help around school. The schools are nice and the teachers are amazing. I have jumped from school to school and so far this has been the best one.
Most people think that Middleton is a small town school but it is actually bigger than Eagle. The hard part with this school is communication it's very hard for an outsider to get in. The good part about this school district is that once you are in, you're accepted.
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The high school is really fun. They have great teachers who make everything work and are actually willing to help people
Middleton is a splendid place to grow up. It has a 20% LDS population, which means that the people are good and have high standards. The high school is and extension of the small, friendly town. We have excellent sports and academic programs, but the choral program, in my opinion, is the crown jewel of Middleton. We currently have four choirs: Nordic, Freshman Unna Voce, girls' Anima Mea, and the top mixed choir, the Madrigal Singers. We're going to add a Norsemen Men's choir next year. The choir room is a place of peace, fun, and music, the center of a calming oasis in the desolate world today.
I have had amazing experiences (for the most part) during my time in the Middleton School District. The teachers are amazing and work hard to help each student as much as they can.
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