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Starting from Kindergarten, the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District (MCPASD) has been incredibly supportive to my education experience and family. Student safety is always a top priority for MCPASD staff, and is made clear through the measures and policies that build an inviting environment. All teachers are very supportive in their teaching, and are almost always willing to go the extra mile to help a student. There are also many resources that the district provides, such as extracurricular sports and clubs, that go beyond to benefit the broader Middleton community.
This high school really does an amazing job at preparing its students for college. They have an amazing choice of AP classes for students. This school isn’t very diverse and it greatly shows in both the community and the school itself.
The vast majority of my teachers in the MCPASD were very passionate about teaching and engaged in their students lives beyond academics (i.e. by coaching extracurriculars, writing letters of recommendation, reviewing college applications, attending games and performances). Aside from the core curriculum, students were allowed to choose several elective classes each semester in both middle school and high school, covering a wide range of subjects, and could choose more advanced AP courses if they preferred a challenge.

Unfortunately, the school district as a whole lacks in diversity - the vast majority of students are caucasian, and during my time there, there was clearly not a great amount of interaction between students of different racial/ethnic backgrounds.

In my experience, MCPASD promotes learning, social justice, and compassion for others, provides a wide array of enriching extracurriculars, and does it's best to make the many opportunities there accessible to everyone.
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A good school with well-funded areas. The teachers are all very knowledgable in their given topics and coordinate lessons well. Admittedly, the population is nearly all white. This poses issues for success of minority students within the district, as supported by some alarming statistics in the area.
Middleton Cross Plains Area School District is a very accepting and open district that I am glad to be able to attend. The number one thing that constantly stands out to me is the amount of safety precautions this school takes to ensure that all staff and students can feel comfortable at all times. Another thing that caused me to rate this school a 4 out of 5 stars was the staff. Each and every staff member that I have encountered has been extremely welcoming and helpful to any student, no matter who they are, which I believe to be an amazing trait that Middleton has. One thing that I feel this district could work on is their diversity. Overall, Middleton is a predominately white school. Aside from that, Middleton is very accepting, but I feel as if there could be more learning and immersion into different cultures, because that is what Middleton seems to lack.
Great teachers, great students, great school spirit! I love Middleton Cross Plains High School! Would recommend
MHS has a wide variety of opportunities for students which is great. Sports are definitely a big component of the school culture and the fine arts program is awesome too! There are tons of clubs and you can always start your own club if you can’t find one that fits your interests. Most of the teachers are really strong and genuinely care about their students. The academics and extracurriculars are really good, but the school culture could definitely improve. Middleton is highly competitive and very big/overcrowded. This year was pretty rough with having a new principal (who is great!) but there were a few issues and then the whole transition to online learning which has caught everyone off guard.
I loved this school district, lots of resources and the teachers are very good and willing to help students learn.
One thing that I really liked about this district was the academics and the teachers. There were many opportunities for us students and the teachers there were always willing to help us as much as they could. I have been the type of student to eat school lunch almost everyday and I have been satisfied with the quality of the food every year. One aspect from below that I think this district could work on would be diversity. Overall it is a pretty diverse school system, especially compared to neighboring districts, but I still felt like there was a slight problem with student diversity and learning.
My experience at MHS was an amazing time in my life. There are many clubs to join and they are all very welcoming. The campus support is an amazing set of adults that all care for the students. Student Services is a safe place to go and get help, everyone in the office area are always smiling and ready to help in any way. The some teachers are always ready to help student because they want to see them grow and learn in the classroom. The special education department is full of smiling and helpful faces. They also want to see their kids on their case load go through high school with smooth sailing. They work so hard for their kids.
I really have loved my experience in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District; my teachers have been wonderful. I have been so lucky to receive such an enriching education!
I like the resources that Middleton has for its students and Middleton's commitment to high academics, stellar athletics and flourishing music. I do wish Middleton was more diverse, but due to the demographic of those who apply, that's difficult to fix.
Our children have been in MCPASD schools for the last 6 years and we're thoroughly impressed by the expectation of exceptionalism that exists among teachers, administrators, and parents. As the saying goes, "people will vote with their feet" and the explosive growth in this district from families targeting their residence in MCPASD boundaries is a testament to the educational opportunities being provided. As a rapidly growing district, it is experiencing some growing pains but the surrounding community is generously supporting significant capital investment in new and updated schools. Every family is going to have a different experience in any school district their children attend but it is rare to find one where the commitment to provide an exemplary educational experience for every child in every circumstance is undeniably present and at the heart of the values of the district.
MCPASD is very intellectually demanding. This leads to an intense academic culture that pits students against each other and leads to an unusually high rate of mental illness and stress. Almost every student is mentally ill in some capacity, and it's easy to draw the line from that illness to unattainable educational standards, toxic social environments, and disinterested administration.
Very good school, open campus lunch is very important. There are obviously hurdles to overcome when it comes to running a high school, but Middleton does a great job at minimizing those hurdles
I liked the variety of classes offered at different ability levels. The staff are very able and knowledgeable and willing to help students.
Overall, my experience with Middleton High School has been great. The school takes steps to ensure and encourage the safety and growth of students. Middleton High School also has a variety of extracurricular activities- clubs, sports, or otherwise. In addition to extracurriculars, the school offers numerous classes that match almost any interest. However, there is not much diversity due to the majority of the student body population being Caucasian. In general, the atmosphere is accepting and supportive, and Middleton High School is an excellent school.
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We have been part of the Middleton cross plains school district for years. We are unimpressed by the lack of improvements, the overflowing schools and the curriculum being taught. There has been no effort made to fix the growing issues with overcrowding and it doesn't appear to be a concern.
I really like the students and staff at Middleton High School. They are dedicated to teaching you and preparing you for what's to come in your life no matter if you choose college or not. The teachers help make your bad days better and your good days even better.
It’s was a great high school experience there was so much to do outside of just school. Middleton provide so many clubs and sports. Not only was the clubs and sports great, there where almost 100 different classes to pick from. I got to tryout many different fields and figure out what I like.
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