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Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District Reviews

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The district had a wonderful education program with the best teachers I have ever had. However, the school did have some controversial racial issues arise multiple times. While the issues were handled the best the district knew how to there should have been more open discussion involved in certain matters rather than pretending things did not happen.
All 3 of my children received an outstanding education from MCPASD! I also am an employee of this district for the past 28 years, and I love the supportive culture and caring for students!
I had an amazing experience at Middleton High School. I was able to grow as an academic student, and a better person. Staff members were respectful and offered me the resources I needed to achieve my goals.
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Middleton has a very challenging curriculum that prepares its students for college or whatever other path they may choose to take after high school. It offers a vast array of opportunities to its students which really sets it apart from other schools. However, this is almost solely due to the fact that this is a very wealthy area, and therefore the community throughout is able to pay more taxes than a poorer area. This must change, as students should NOT have to suffer solely because they are poor.
I love all of the opportunities Middleton High School has to offer. There are so many clubs, classes, and even jobs or volunteering they make sure to have available to all the students, which shows how much they really want us to succeed. All of the teachers are super friendly and supportive, making it easy to get involved in class. It is nice having such a big school because it makes it easy to find people with similar interests to you. One thing that could be worked on at Middleton is the security. With all that has happened concerning school violence these past few years, more security would not hurt.
Middleton is a very competative and high achieving community. Most people there work very hard and are very open minded about all topics.
The Middleton-Cross Plains area school district will set your children up for success. Speaking from a student perspective the school provides rigorous classes which will enable us to be college ready. There are also plenty of clubs and sports that the school provides and if you don't see one on the list that insterests you, then you can create it!
The memories I have made through my school district are ones I can never be greatful enough for. My friends, learning experiences, event and club involvements, sports and musical journeys have all been beyond belief.
The curriculum is challenging gets the students college ready. Teachers are well-educated and are constantly encouraging students to further their knowledge in many different fields.
The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District is an incredible district. I feel extremely prepared and ready to face college academics next year for I have learned a ton from the amazing teachers, programs, and extra curriculars that my school offers. I have learned wonders about time managment, organization, work ethic, and real world issues- such as money managment. One thing that I love about my school is they work to make the students aware of world affairs and political issues. Something that I think the disrtict can improve on is the diversity. The population of students and faculty in the district is mainly white. In the high school alone we only have one black faculty member. Even though the school does not have control over the racial variety of the students, I think they can work on hiring more diverse staff so non white students can have an adult they can feel connected with. However, I am very proud that I can soon call myself a graduate of Middleton High School.
Middleton High has amazing educational and extracurricular programs and although they don´t have a very diverse student body they do push to educate about different cultures
The school is very divided when it comes to students and most faculty lacks in ability to help students. The food is average and the area is great.
I have been in the school district for 11 years and there was always a staff member I could talk to if I had any problem. Also my teachers were always there to help me when I needed it and pushed to do the best I could. There is also a very wide variety of clubs and organizations so there was always an activity for anyone.
Middleton is consistently one of the top school districts in the state and has proof to show it. Nearly every student in the high school is involved in some way with a student organization and academically pushes students to achieve great things.
Very tough and fair school when it comes to grades. The facility is very nice. Defiantly a place you want to send your children.
Well rounded choices for classes to prepare for college ; great school activities to appreciate other students like Human Rights Week and Fine Arts Week
The list of classes offered at MHS is extensive and the faculty (teachers and coaches) are very supportive. However, School lunches are not very good and could be improved.
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The school as a whole is amazing. The size definitely helps in the number of classes that are offered along with their wide variety. The teachers care about their students like crazy. The only change I would like to see is a more understanding administration staff. They are not sympathetic to what high schoolers are experiencing.
All of the staff at Middleton are extremely well trained, supportive educators, and will do anything in their power to see their students strive.
I feel like almost everyone gets along and the school is very competitive so everything is a big race to be the best. It keeps me on my toes and ready for anything.
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