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Middlesex County Public Schools Reviews

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One thing I liked about Middlesex County School was the size. They are three very small schools so the teacher to student is relatively high. It easy to receive help. Despite this, the school system does not handle bullying well.
Overall my experience was average. I had more problems with classmates than administrators. Only a couple instances of questionable calls on the administration side
I think that this school needs to do more to create a higher level of parent involvement. The Band has a Booster Club, as well as the sports aspect of the school, but nothing else, and I have asked on several occasions to only get back blank stares in return. In the 3 years I have been involved with this school, I have offered to help on many, many occasions, and I have only been asked once to actually help with anything.
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Middlesex County Public Schools is an average school. Overall all the category is average except for diversity and foods which can be poor. Middlesex County Public Schools is a safe school, and most students respect others. Teachers and administration are two of the highest category. They are well appreciated, and very helpful prepare you for college.
I enjoyed going to Middlesex High School because of the small community. All the teachers know your name and you can develop a tight knit relationship with them, I feel that aspect is crucial to succeeding. However, there is a downside to living in a small community. Things can sometimes be all about what your last name is or who you know, which can sometimes get in your way. You can choose to be defeated or you can push yourself to be the best. Middlesex High School has given me a lot and made me grow so much as a person. My overall experience has been great.
Small town, everyone looks after others and in a community where you feel that you're heard. I attended these same schools my children walk the halls of, so staying here with our education options speaks for itself.
There needs to be more resources available for Seniors in preparing for college and helping with the application process. Needs to be more activities outside of sports for students who are not participating in a sport. Technology needs to be updated within the school.
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