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Middlesex Borough School District Reviews

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It was alright, pretty average for a school district. Not too great regarding college readiness, and I wish the high school offered more AP courses.
I enjoyed my experience in Middlesex's public school but i would like to see the amount of black and minority students increased and a bigger focus being put on college readiness or college readiness programs.
I loved the tight knit community feel, but was disappointed in the lack of resources and course offerings.
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The teachers there are mostly nice and helpful. Others just sit at their desk and don't teach, and rather give us worksheets and tell us to read an
I loved the music department. Phenomenal program. Definitely needs more education on mental-health. It was so prevalent when I was a student, but it wasn’t talked about. I think it should be less taboo.
I really like the diversity, at Woodbridge High School. I took advantage of the Drama club, El dorado and Art Services. While enjoying Sciences and History classes at Woodbridge High School. I learned to trust myself by making mistakes and learning from them. I enjoyed my teachers and the life lessons my instructors freely shared.
Middlesex Schools have very outdated schools. The administrators are unapproachable. The teachers are great and seem to do their best with very little. Parent involvement is very low. It is the same 6 parents at my child's school that do it all.
Great place for your child to learn and grow, I had some teacher who had a strong will to teach my years there.
It is an average school, but does have good athletic opportunities. People here are close knit and overall friendly. AP Classes are the only classes that are significantly hard.
I think Middlesex Borough Public Schools are very good for our kids!! There is a great variety of academic programs. Also there is a good feeling of communication between teachers and parents. There is a good diversity in the schools with kids of different backgrounds.
Overall, the school district and system is very connected with the students and the staff. Being a small district, it only makes sense that there would be little difficulty in communication.
It's a very nice yet small town. Everyone knows everyone. Our public schools are extremely friendly; especially with our supportive and hardworking teachers. Our principle may have passed away not long ago, but our community was able to stick together much more than before.
Overall, I would have to say I am honestly pleased with the education I have received so far by attending Middlesex Borough Public Schools. I think the teachers and staff are such nice people and they truly do care about their students. Furthermore, the students are not only given an education from books but also what matters more such as responsibility, respect, and other characteristics they will need in the real world. I've made great friends here as well and know that I can come them or any teachers for help.
Middlesex borough is a small town with 3 grammer schools, a middle school and a high school. My graduating class has about 150 students and we all know each other and have grown up together. Like any town we have a clicks the brains, the jocks etc but for the most part we get along and respect everyone. We don't have a lot of clubs and sports like other big towns but we have enough to feel as though we're not missing out. We complete as a district 1 town and are sussessful in some sports. Growing up in Middlesex has been fun and I will greatly miss it for sure but I do look forward to the next chapter of my life, going to college!
I am a current senior at Middlesex High and I would like to say that I have truly enjoyed my 4 years there ! I started as the freshman student council president and have been every year since ! The opportunities I've had have taught me so much and enabled me to truly help my school as well as my community . The teachers and staff are highly knowledgeable and guidance goes above and beyond ! My track and field years have been wonderful and I have memories of all that I will have with me forever . MHS !!!!
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