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Middlesex Borough School District Reviews

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The Middlesex district I think personally is amazing, the staff is great and very kind. The community is very close. It’s a place that’s safe for everyone
Very inclusive school district where most teachers are invested in the well-being of their students.
My experience at this high school for four years was educational, fun and memorable. The teachers want the best for their students and are always willing to help you with succeed (even if you are not their student this year). I have made life long connections with teachers (& coaches) who have impacted my life so much that 10 years later I still am in contact with them. I succeeded in college and felt very prepared for whatever the professors would throw my way thanks to the study tips learned in the four years I attended MHS.
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Throughout my life in middlesex, I’ve always been able to connect with people here since the town is small. I loved elementary school, and had the sweetest and most caring teachers that I still remember. Middle school was hard sometimes, and I had a few teachers that you could tell didn’t care about the students or teaching, but I also had some of the best teachers I’ve ever had in those years. In high school, I really enjoyed my time. I had some amazing teachers who you could tell cared about us so much and would rather talk to us and have us share our opinions than sit us through classes without conversation. There were a few teachers I had that weren’t the best at teaching, and also during my time there it was hard because there were so many of my teachers I had that didn’t even work there once I left the school, and that were fired or quit a few years after. Overall the schools in the district are good.
Small town that is really a small family. Great teachers and staff! I really grew and formed a lot of confidence at MHS
The Middlesex Public School District is average when it comes to academics. Each of the schools are very diverse and school culture is widely represented in each of the schools in the district. The schools have a wide range of club and activities that you can participate in; there's something for everybody!
I attended Woodbridge High School. Some teachers made such a huge impact on me. They made classes interesting and unique in ways I will truly never forget. Other teachers made me question how they got a job in the first place. They were very confused and not knowledgeable on the content they were teaching. I absolutely loved the extracurricular activities. I was involved in theater, choir and band, where I received the most wonderful advice on how to improve. These teachers were truly passionate about what they were doing.
I think the curriculum could change. There are many classes that do not have teachers because they either quit or are fired. However, the teachers that are here are very special. One of my favorite departments of the school is the math curriculum. The teachers in this department are very helpful. I learned a lot through them. They do not have a lot of clubs. I wish the school and the clubs were more involved.
looking back on my time so far it has been enjoyable, this is a small town that always makes you feel welcome. As a school district they are trying to get better but overall the current situation is quite "meh". We have just your average facilities with a gym, a small weight lifting room, a band room, etc.. Though the school tries to keep everyone up to date it feels like a lot of the time it isn't the school driving you but the students around you. Teachers here make you feel at home most times but that shouldn't be the case in most classes. You should be driven to do your best. We have counselors who tell us what to do but we don't have any sort of structure that makes it feel like we have to be prepared for college. Despite the resources we're given i feel like the lack of motivation is being propagated by how laid back the school is as a whole. In light of that, the school is your average small town high school.
The school district is one of the better ones in the state of New Jersey. I would change the decisions on when to close school for weather. I would also change the days off when they were not used for snow days.
It was alright, pretty average for a school district. Not too great regarding college readiness, and I wish the high school offered more AP courses.
I enjoyed my experience in Middlesex's public school but i would like to see the amount of black and minority students increased and a bigger focus being put on college readiness or college readiness programs.
I loved the tight knit community feel, but was disappointed in the lack of resources and course offerings.
The teachers there are mostly nice and helpful. Others just sit at their desk and don't teach, and rather give us worksheets and tell us to read an
I loved the music department. Phenomenal program. Definitely needs more education on mental-health. It was so prevalent when I was a student, but it wasn’t talked about. I think it should be less taboo.
I really like the diversity, at Woodbridge High School. I took advantage of the Drama club, El dorado and Art Services. While enjoying Sciences and History classes at Woodbridge High School. I learned to trust myself by making mistakes and learning from them. I enjoyed my teachers and the life lessons my instructors freely shared.
Middlesex Schools have very outdated schools. The administrators are unapproachable. The teachers are great and seem to do their best with very little. Parent involvement is very low. It is the same 6 parents at my child's school that do it all.
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Great place for your child to learn and grow, I had some teacher who had a strong will to teach my years there.
It is an average school, but does have good athletic opportunities. People here are close knit and overall friendly. AP Classes are the only classes that are significantly hard.
I think Middlesex Borough Public Schools are very good for our kids!! There is a great variety of academic programs. Also there is a good feeling of communication between teachers and parents. There is a good diversity in the schools with kids of different backgrounds.
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