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They allow you to take duel credit courses. They work well with people that are smarter than others. They don't seem to help those that need help without a battle. Better nice school.
I think that Middlebury Community Schools are well rounded. They challenge you in a way that sets you up for success. In High School, I was very pleased at the amount of courses you could take for college credit. I also appreciate the fact that it is very easy to get ahead in your intended area of study, because they allow you to take multiple courses in the same subject.
Northridge High School is a good school. There are good ranking sports and the facilities are amazing. The honors academics are pretty good, but there is a great divide between honors and regular classes. There are many positive aspects about Northridge, but the one major downside is the fact that there is no school spirit or camaraderie.
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Friendly staff and good education. I've been in MCS since the first grade. My parents and younger siblings also attended MCS.
The teachers are fantastic, in all my K-12 years I had maybe two teachers I didn't like, and all the others I absolutely loved. I appreciate their emphasis on the arts; choir, band, and theater. I cannot speak as much to the quality of the coaches or athletics department, merely because I never did any high school sports. One thing I wish about MCS is that there could be more diversity, of over 1,000 students at Northridge High School, only a handful are black. Our largest minority would probably be Hispanic, but even then, the students and faculty are predominantly white. Also, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a GSA or other support system would be fantastic.
I think Middlebury Community Schools is a great school district. The administration is really trying hard to help the students succeed. Lots of teachers are there to make genuine connections with the students.
I attended MCS all 4 years of high school. I will have completed the core 40 diploma classes. Although, the my classes taught me the basics I may need for college they don't go beyond that. I would change the level of writing taught in the core 40 classes better preparing students in the future for college level writing. Outside of my core 40 classes I was largely involved in the art program at MCS. This program is excellent with knowledgeable teachers. The variety of art classes offered gave me experience with different art forms and helped me find my love for ceramics. I was also a part of the athletics program at MCS. I ran both cross country and track until my senior year. I enjoyed the sport, but did find the programs to be overly competitive with coaching that was low level leading to multi-athlete injuries. I would say when looking at MCS as a whole they fall into the average category.
I have 2 children that go here, very good over all. They have enjoyed many things and opportunities about their schools..
I really enjoy the positive environment and how all of my teachers encourage us to strive to be our best. You build close relationships with friends and teachers around us. I wish our school would offer more classes.
Middlebury is a very nice community with a very good school system. Most of the teachers are good. I think the counselors could have a little more communication with the parents, especially if you first child is graduating. There are too many things that need to be done and I don't think the parents or kids fully understand unless the parents are teachers themselves. Overall good experience.
Northridge High School has a great environment surrounding the students. Their sports are excellent and they have a great education system. The teachers are well trained and for the most part help the students when asked.
Middelburry Community Schools is a safe clean school system that encourages its students to do its very best the staff is amazing. Everyone knows everyone.
Great school corporation! Teachers and administrators really care about their students. Lots of opportunties for students to be involved.
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