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With a new school being built directly next to the current one, the transportation needed to move sports teams to different places from the construction site which used to be the athletic field is just another reason why it pays off to care about your students.
Middleboro Public Schools are a great place to get an education. It has great academics and the students have great school pride and positivity. We are highly involved within clubs and outside communities and are a known student council school. When it comes to sports, however, we are lacking on the athletic side. However, a lot of people participate and show their support no matter what team it may be. The teachers are nice depending on who you have. We also aren't too diverse. The guidance department and other teachers help a lot with college readiness and it all in all is a safe place to be. I would not have wanted to be in any other school system.
I feel as though Middleboro Public Schools are an amazing set of schools. Each school, especially the high school, gives students a chance to become ready peoples of society. The sports allow students to learn discipline and the importance of team work; the council activities allow students to learn leadership skills and social awareness; the challenging academics allow students to learn effective study habits and time management skills. Middleboro public schools may lack an outstanding facility, but they make up for it in every other aspect of what schools should be. I know I am a product of the teachers and coaches I was lucky enough to learn from and the experiences I was lucky enough to be a part of in my time at Middleboro public schools.
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The school has strong pride and encourages students to be the best they can be. It's a joyous and posituve community to be apart of.
The staff here is phenomenal! Each and every teacher typically goes out of there way to ensure that all their students thoroughly understands the topic that is being taught. The sport teams always became a second family; both my field hockey and softball team became family to me.
Awful....I have very little positive things to say about Middleboro Public Schools. We had sub par teachers, there was very little rigor, both of my children felt that the schools weren't challenging enough. The elementary school is falling apart and has major disciplinary issues with students in the classroom. The middle school is about a year behind other public schools with their curriculum and the are also major disciplinary issues there as well. Overrall, the only students that we feel that be successful in this system are the top students. We ended up moving out of town because we just couldn't continue in the system the way it was .
During freshman orientation, my principle promised the incoming students that Middleboro High School truly becomes your home. At first I did not believe this. Now entering my senior year, that phrase never rang more true. The faculty treats the students like real world adults. If the student gives 100%, there is no doubt that the teacher will give 110% back. They always assure that the children are receiving the best possible education. The only thing I would like to see change is the improvement of the school itself. The aesthetic of the school is not pleasing but the atmosphere is unlike any other school. This wish will be coming true soon. A new high school is in the process but hopefully the spirit will transfer over because the student body's energy is contagious.
Middleboro Schools are what every kid needs. Academics are taught with professional precision. The staff is passionate about teaching and keep the student's best interest in mind. The way they handle College Readiness is mind blowing, I couldn't be more grateful. There are plenty of clubs/activities. We take safety seriously, all students are taught what to do in emergencies. We have several sports. The food is delicious and has variety. The school provides everything you need and more. I love that my school makes the best high school experience. From dances, pep rallies, Holiday parties, Lock-In, Science Fair, etc! Everyone knows each other. Getting out of middle school I wanted to go to a private school, now I wouldn't change a thing. The recognition I've received, the things I've learned, the friends I've made, the opportunities provided to me, the memories I've already made as just a Freshman! If you are privileged enough to go to any Middleboro School you won't regret it.
Middleboro schools are a welcoming environment with a great educational system. As a senior in the high school, I am sad to be leaving the community, but feel well prepared for my future ahead.
I feel that middleboro school were very personal. Always able to adapt to my type of learning style. Many memories have been created. They could work on some better course requirements.
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