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Middle Township Public School District Reviews

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I believe it is a good school but needs better goals. There view on things are very different from other schools. The school spirit is just not there and the classes are very easy. Not a challenging school and should be more challenging. The amount of effort from student and faculty to be a good school isn’t there. The student are just as any school. Most people in the school will scream your failures and whisper your accomplishments. I guess that is how most schools are but I wish it was the other way around. The sports offered and very easy to get on, cuts should be made.
Middle Township High School is a small school district that not only serves students in Middle Township, but students from Stone Harbor, Avalon, and Dennis Townships. There are activities for every student. There are a variety of clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities. There is a strong athletic department if you are involved in sports. The school also has its own Performing Arts Center which allows for the dance and drama departments to have performance opportunities. The staff is very student oriented and involved. Most teachers are from the community, and their dedication to the programs show. The facilities are well maintained and are filled with Middle Township school spirit.
I went through the Middle Township Public School System my whole life. I can confidently say that from the start to the end, that it has been beyond enjoyable. While it may not be perfect -- then again, which one is? -- it has provided me with a high education and strong support system. The academics here are vigorous and there are classes available for every learning style. The teachers are insanely supportive and only want the best for every student; they want everyone to succeed. There is a wide variety of clubs, events, and classes so participation for the student is easy. Middle Township has put me on the path to success and I feel confident moving forward into college.
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Overall, this school was a great school to attend. Both the academics and athletics were excelled and celebrated throughout the school. The only downfall of this school is the amount of in school fights they have between students.
I was very happy with my experience here. Offered me lots of academic and extracurricular opportunities.
I was prepared for college after attending this high school. My teachers have made me into the student I am today. I enjoyed playing sports. My teammates were always there to support me.
This is a great high school located right on the bay. It has a great set of educators, and the school environment is excellent.
I like how well I know everyone and how well the teaching staff is willing to work with you no matter what the issue is (school related or not.) What I do not like about Middle Township is the bad reputation it has. People make my school out to be filled with horrible and disrespectful students but most of those students are the nicest children I have ever met
All around Middle Township High School is an amazing institution. The teachers and academically challenging classes allowed me to get ready for the next step, college. The athletic teams are among the highest regarded in South Jersey and even the state. The teams push you competitively to and teach you real world lessons. The clubs allow you to an array of student with in your school. They allow you to participate in numerous community service and school projects. The resources that are available to Middle Township High School student are endless. Middle helps prepare you for the next step in your life.
I think the food was good most of the time. There were a good amount of options, but the menu is improving greatly! I dont like that the school is messy (at least I hear) at lunch time. I loved my teachers, but I have heard of some that do not teach. Administratioms should really listen to students complaints more often.
love playing sports here
Most teachers there love to teach
many fights between students
cafeteria food is horrible
New class schedule is efficient and a wise decision to change
I attended Middle Township High School and it was the best experience I could have ever wished for! Middle Township High has a pretty bad reputation and when anyone would ask "Where do you go to High School" and I would respond with "Middle Township", people always cringed and gave a "yikes" facial expression. It's sad people will take a few bad events and create a whole stereotype. Middle Township prepared me for college. The faculty and administration preach on how crucial it is to get involved to begin your future and they were so right. There are options for everyone at Middle that will help prepare you for the future, whether that be higher education or the work force. Middle Township High Schoo in my opinion is the best High School in Cape May County.
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