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Middle Country Central School District Reviews

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My overall experience in this school district was pretty good being as there are really good teachers and fun programs and activities that not only allow students to enjoy their time in school, but also become prepared for life through different academic opportunities. The staff is very kind and work diligently to prepare students for life in college and in the work force, teachers are very flexible and allow extra time for projects if need be due to student jobs, family issues and other instances. This district allows for everyone to be involved with events and help make a difference in the community while having fun and making memories with friends. There are also exciting events planned that make senior year fun and exciting for high school seniors. Anyone can be welcomed into a class or after school club by their peers and students are kind and caring toward one another making their school experiences unforgettable.
My daughter is in Selden Middle School and is having a wonderful school experience. Great teachers, a large variety of afterschool activities and a diverse student body makes Middle Countfy schools a terrific school district.
I really likeed the music program, business program, the electives and the college classes they offer.
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My experience in Middle Country Central School Distract was good, and I feel as though I learned a lot. I have participated in after school programs and class electives that have made my time in school fun and exciting. I feel as though there should be more field trips in other classes to include hands on learning and make things more exciting and interesting for students. These trips would be good resources and help in learning about real world job opportunities.
Middle Country Central School District is a wonderful when it comes to the teachers. Every teacher is extremely pleasant and always wanted the best for their students. A downside for the school district is they do not get their students prepared for college and do not help with the college process.
Their sports program is very good. They also have wonderful teachers , custodians staff and security. I also felt very safe during my four years at Newfield high school.
The amount of activities available is very broad and allows for all interests to be explored with time and dedication from the student.
Love it here!!!
Great place to live....
Top Notch administration......
Top Notch teachers...
Top Notch althletics & coaching....
Excel in community out reach.....
Top Notch transportation.....
I would definitely say there’s no other place we ‘d rather be.... One community that works for the education... Evolving....of one’s child to grow up and have all assets instilled with in to be the best citizen that they can be.
I have learned many things throughout high school and feel school is what you make of it. It can be challenging to find yourself and to stay focused but I was very fortunate to have a supportive family who remained by my side. I feel with the support of my family and teachers and my desire to stay challenged and focus on the future I was able to succeed and know that I am prepared for college and for whatever the future hold for me.
My experience in middle county has been great. I have no complaints the staff is great and teachers and administrators are always super supportive and helpful.
Currently I am a student. Recently the passing time has been cut from 5 minutes to 4. They say that it is possible to get from one end of the school to the other however these tests were done without all the students in the school. Also my school is undergoing construction making it more difficult because we need to reroute.
I have been to two elementary schools in the district, and they were very different from each other. The teachers in the district are very good at teaching. I enjoyed my school experience in middle country. However, there have been times teachers/staff have made poor choices in how they speak to students.
Too concerned about sports and the dress code, not concerned enough about the actual education, music department or art department.
The district is very good and definitely gets you college ready if you take advantage of the opportunities offered. For example, the AP classes reflect the work you will be doing in college. Many of the teachers really care about helping you and always try to offer extra help. There are also many great clubs that help explore your interests.
I liked that I had the opportunity to go to BOCES for culinary arts for half the day. I would like to see them have a club for kids interested in the culinary field. And to have club times after the BOCES kids come back to the school,
I liked the school and the courtyard how we were able to have air conditioner and great teachers. The school made a great environment for learning and aiding children into growing and achieving future goals
My experience with Middle Country School District was an average experience because over the years I have had okay experiences with the schools, teachers, and administration. Middle Country Has good diversity has prepared me pretty well for college and clubs and activities are pretty good.
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I was a student of MC and now a parent. I am concerned about safety in the school. Even though you have to be rung in. I'm concern the aids at the desk are small females and what would they do if someone came and attacked them
Middle Country school district has help prepare me for the future. The staff are caring and look out for their students.
The teachers and staff have been great at helping teach me and prepare me for the future. The staff is supportive and caring. They keep an eye on the kids even when we least expect it.
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