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They had some really great teachers, I would like to see them have and offer more AP classes. They only offered it in a few classes. I would also have liked to see them expand their sports as well as promote their arts more.
I really enjoyed my experience at Midd-West. I had great teachers who genuinely cared about the students. I appreciated the wide variety of classes and clubs to choose from. The school building is beautiful and I felt like Midd-West really tries to give their students as many resources as possible. I would have liked to have seen more honors and AP courses offered.
I enjoy the friendships built within the school. The teaching staff works well with students and are understanding when students miss class for other events such as FFA, sports, DECA and other school events. Things I would like to see change are adding a JROTC unit and improve the school's lunches.
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I had a great 4 years at Midd West. I would highly recommend doing sports because that is a great way to meet people and make great friends. I made a ton of friends playing sports, and we were also successful in every sport. However, academically I wish it would prepare more for the future. From things like SATs and even college I feel not as prepared as I could be. I think teacher do advocate for their students when they need to but with the curriculum I do not feel prepared enough for my future endeavors. On the other hand, many students who attended my school, I know are very prepared for this new chapter in their life. It’s really what you make out of it and I’m so thankful to be a Mustang!!
The people are great but there is major room for improvement. Teachers need to care a little more about their jobs and the students lack spirit.
Midd-West has several students that are performing above average but they are not challenging many of these students. The overall educational offerings are sufficient but the rules of following certain courses is outdated. They need to consider placing students in courses according to where they test on the subject. The school has an option for seniors to attend college for credit which is an advantage for future college freshmen.
It's a good school that covers a wide range of education as well as other classes. The teachers work together with parents and students extremely well. I think there is a wide variety of ag classes (because I am focusing on agriculture when I graduate) which will help me in my choice of study.
When I attended Midd-West of my junior year it was my first time here, I was very nervous that I would just be a nobody, but honestly this has been the best decision I have ever made I get some much help on my future career of nursing, I feel very welcomed and encouraged by others around me. This was a hard choice of moving here from a totally different area but in the end I believe I made the best decision ever.
I would like the teachers to become more involved with their students and help them. Some teachers would just sit at their desks and be on their laptops the whole period. There was some very caring teachers that helped you with everything and wanted you to succeed.
The educational values were great, however, I would have liked to see them do more about bullying,. There were several student that were suicidal due to bullying and the teachers did nothing to help.
Midd-West School District was a great experience for me. I learned everything I needed to know. The only thing I would change is making the class a bit harder, I felt they were quite easy throughout the years.
I liked that the teachers were very dedicated to helping the students learn and also helping them figure out what they would like to do once they graduate. Also, the classes are very small, so it was easier to get help if I needed it. One thing that I would definitely like to see changed is how bullying/fighting are handled. Many of the bullying forms/fights are barely addressed, which allows them to continue to happen without any real discipline.
Very friendly environment for the most part but there isn't many AP classes to take and I wish there were more options for classes to take. Not much diversity at all. There could be more college preparation, and they need to teach how to apply for colleges and scholarships and how and when to sign up for your SAT's. You're kind of on your own when it comes to college preparation. But despite that, the teachers seem passionate about their jobs and the level of rigor of classes is decent. The school is very small so that has a lot to do with some of the problems. Over all Midd-West High School is a very good school but like all other schools it is not perfect.
I love Midd West academics throughout my high school career, they have taught certain and precise skills to show in the real world once college, or any technical school is over with.
I love the Midd-West School District. The teachers are all so incredible and truly care for the students not only as students but also as people. They do whatever they can to help their students be successful, not only in school, but in life in general.The school itself is so nice and beautiful. I truly love this school and would not have wanted to grow up going to a different school.
Things that I like about Midd-West is that no one judges any here at this school. You can be who you are and you don't have to be afraid about it
The school had a great deal of friendly people, but the school simply did not have the course material to challenge the student who were ahead.
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There no face-to-face bullying, which is good. Soccer is still over-populized. But most students are involved and interested in furthering their careers. There are or course those students who don't try and and seem like there could be more programs to motivate kids.
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