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It was a nice small school. I knew all my classmates and had some great teachers. Sports are considered very important, and I wish the arts and music programs had more opportunities and received more recognition.
The mid valley school district is a great place to send you kid. Our administration makes sure that all the kids are there top priority. There teachers are great and the are ready to help you get ready for college. The school is very diverse we allow any kid from different ethnicity and we allow kids in from three different places.
My high school experience at Mid Valley High School was very good. I made many long-lasting friendships and participated in many extracurricular activities. I also had many outstanding teachers who went above and beyond to help me, especially when I had hip surgery during the school year. They prepared me for the "real" world. Senior year is bittersweet, I am sad to leave Mid Valley, but excited for my next chapter in life, College.
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Mid Valley is the school I grew up in. The teachers here taught me about responsibility, dependability, and the undying importance of grades. Without this school and all of its teachers, I definitely would not be who I am today.
Mid valley offers great classes. The cleanliness is sub-par. Some of the teachers are rude and mean. Administration doesn’t do much. However the teachers that go above and beyond make the experience great. It’s not the worst school to attend for elementary/high school.
I would add some more challenging classes for students, and also more science opportunities! The atmosphere is great. The student body is very supportive and close-knit with one another.
My time at Mid Valley High School is now drawing to a close. As of this year, I will be graduating in June. Now that senior year is slipping from my fingertips, it is stressful trying to cope with the responsibilities of being an actual young adult. I admit that despite how many times I wished that I was already graduated, I’m going to miss Mid Valley. I will miss my friends. I will miss my chorus class. I will miss marching band. The teachers, the classes, and the experiences I had all impacted me somehow in a good way.
Mid Valley is a great small school. Besides a great education there is a rich sense of community and cultural diversity. A case in point is the Spartan Steel carribian steel pan band which i have been in since sixth grade. We played at scholl as well as community events. We even played at the Bloomsburg fair and cut two CDs that are sold to offset operating costs and buy new pans!
Overall its just average. Its in a small town so as long as you know someone youll be favored. The academics are mediocre at best. Teachers showing up high, guidance counselors showing up drunk. Nothing spectacularly wonderful here. Most 7th graders cant write an essay to save their lives.
The facility is newly remodeled and clean and the campus is pretty with adequate parking.
The Mid Valley School District is a wonderful district. Everyone is so helpful and the community always there for one another. Most students are friendly and great to be around. Most teachers are very helpful and really work with the students and get them on task.
I like the option of classes that are given and that the school does rally around everybody in any situation. I would change their lunch company and some staff unfortunately some teachers don't really seem like they want to be teachers
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