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I like that at mid-del schools we have a culture that is full of diversity, and that makes for a unique upbringing. I also love how everybody here is so easygoing that it's almost impossible not to make friends. One aspect I feel like the establishment could improve on is the rigor of the curriculum. The classes here are not challenging enough to those who want to learn, and the way valedictorians are chosen is honestly unfair to those who really work hard for their status. All in all, the mid-deli district has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day it's still my home.
I really like the recognition they give to athletes and the fine arts programs. They are very concern for our safety so they have all of us wear our ID's.
My school is a very safe place for students and teachers. The teachers her care about the students and want them to succeed. One change I would like to happen is that the students show teachers and especially subs the same respect that they get. Students tend to run all over subs because they aren't used to how they act so they think that they can just run all over them. Overall my school district is a very safe place.
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This is a wonderful school district. I was lucky to be educated in the Mid Del Public School District from the third grade, all of the way until my high school graduation at Midwest City High School in 2013. I was given endless opportunities when it came to my education and I was also very comfortable.
The mid-del public school district is amazing the current superintendent ( Dr.Cobb) is amazing and is always interested in all of the students. All of the staff is amazing and truly care about their students it’s an amazing district and they fight so they can give the students the best education they can get.
Mid-del school district, is great. I actually attend a mid-del school and the school is great you have wonderful teachers who really want to see you make it in life i am glad i attend mid-del schools.
Del City High School isn’t just a school, it is a family. It’s a place where one can learn from outstanding teachers and learn from fellow students from different parts of the world. It is a very diverse school.
I believe Mid-del public schools is one of the best school districts in Oklahoma. From the elementary to the high schools they have some great teachers that are there to listen and have a shoulder for you to cry on when you need it. As we know the teachers don’t get paid what they deserve but I can say they take the little money they do have and use it to fund our education with fun activities in the classrooms.
I loved Mid-Del schools. They had many activities and the students are always involved in the community. Every year they do S.W.A.G. (Students With A Goal) and they pick a participate of the community and help them by raising money so they can get the medical care, equipment and funding for their illness or injury.
Overall a good experience. Tons of clubs and sports to do. Some teachers care about teaching their students and other do not. I would like to see mid-del bring in some better teachers who actually qualify to teach. Better food options for students would be nice. Having the right resources would be great. Not every student was able to have a textbook. It made it hard for when you had to take a book home. They didn't prepare you for college very well. They wouldn't tell you all the information you needed to know. They made sure that all students were safe no matter what situation would occur.
I love how everyone is friendly and wants you to succeed and that isn’t so common now days, but I am very appreciative that I get to attend this Fabulous school, and I am going to also miss this school as I enter my last semester as a senior.
Even with a small budget, Mid-Del always provides for their students in the best way possible. Mid-Del always comes to our aid whenever and however they can when we need the help. No matter what, I know I can always turn to my school for help should I ever need it.
I feel safe when I go to school every day and I am well respected by my peers. Especially among musicians, since I am in band at Carl Albert High School.
Teachers and Counselors are very helpful and interested in students. Good learning environment. Class sizes are usually small enough so that students get one on one time with the teachers.
Mid-Del Public Schools is filled with amazing teachers and students with the potential to do anything. The elementary schools are run by great principals that care about the kids and the middle schools mold students into fantastic high schoolers. Del City high school has had many accomplishments with their Student Council and Track. Midwest City had developed amazing programs that aren't offered everywhere. And Carl Albert has a spectacular sport that has one a sports championship for more than two sports. Send your kid to a district that cares for kids and is a place of acceptance.
Overall, for Mid-Del Public Schools I would give a good rating. Although, there are some things I believe could use some work. As a former graduate from Mid-Del Schools I believe that, specifically in Junior and Senior High schools, there is too much focus on sports and not enough emphasis on academics and college prep. Doing well all throughout school, when I got to college I did not feel well prepared.
Love the environment, felt like a family. Great athletics. Teachers were very good. Made life long friends.
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mid-del is overall a pretty decent school system, but with the lack of funding, it is next to impossible to compete with the academics and athletics of other schools in these classes.
I went to Midwest City High School located within the Mid-Del district. Midwest City High School was a wonderful experience. I’ve have learned a lot from my full four years of attendance there. What I liked most about the district of Mid-Del was the teachers and faculty. They were always fun and they cared about the students success. I don’t think I would’ve made it without their loving care they’re just that great. One thing I would change would be the clubs and activities that were offered. They seemed really out of the way and nothing much came out of them.
Has sone wonderful teachers. Friendly staff. Smaller library than i like. I would love them to redo all bathrooms but other than that its a amazing school.
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