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Mid-Buchanan County R-V School District Reviews

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Great small school. Good communication between teachers and parents. Not only focused on sports but making sure that they are prepared for real life after school
Mid-Buchanan is an amazing school. If anything the students, teachers, and parents are all one big family. There are many resources available and there will always be someone trustworthy to talk to for a student. The only thing that Mid-Buchanan could use is weighted grading and AP/IV courses. Other than that, Mid-Buchanan is always updating and is a place many people love.
I had a very good experience in high school. Learned a lot from great teachers and staff. I am glad I was fortunate enough to go to a smaller school where there are small classes and an easier to navigate campus.
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I love the teachers and the environment. The school just got a new track and a tornado safe room. The school is not very diverse as it is a small school in a small town. I would love to see some more love on the fine arts programs such as a fine arts or performing arts area instead 3 or 4 gyms.
The greatest thing about Mid-Buchanan is the community. Their support is the best in the state. We are all basically a big family here. The worst thing about Mid-Buchanan is probably the food. The food is not the best, but I mean it is a school so the quality of the food is not very good.
What I like about Mid-Buchanan is the teachers are there to help you and to push you to receive your goals in life. I been a dragon my whole life and I seen a lot of changes in the years. There are some teachers at Mid-Buchanan that will ask you questions about your future, like where you going to work at or where you going to college at. I have a teacher that changed my future because I was never planning on going to college, but I’m going to college. I can’t that teacher enough for everything that he/she done for me. I’m glad to be a dragon. There no other school that I wanted to go to beside Mid-Buchanan, but my time is is coming to end of school. Then a new chapter begins in my life. I always will remember Mid-Buchanan and teachers.
I love the school and the school district that we are a part of. Everyone is so close together and I know that this is where I would want my kids to go someday. The teachers are friendly and the community is amazing!
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