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I like how diverse the schools are! I also enjoy the many clubs that are offered to the students! If I had to change one thing I’d better administration.
Overall I had a good experience. While in high school I am taking AP/AH classes they are rigorous and hard. I had long nights of studying to fully comprehend the work.
What i liked about michigan city is all the people everyone is very helpful, nice and they help you prepare for your future. Their sports are very helpful a lot of people got scholarships or a full ride to very excellent school and playing a sport at Michigan city is very helpful in the long run. A lot of the teachers are so cool and they will sit down and help you with whatever you need they do whatever you need and help you with whatever you need help with. Michigan city is a great school to go too. I would highly recommend it.
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Just like any other school system, this one definitely has it's ups and downs, BUT the opportunities that this school system can give you are phenomenal. I have worked on a project for NASA that they ranked 1st in the state. I also took enough AP/dual credit classes in high school to complete my core requirements 2 TIMES OVER! MCHS is only adding more and more AP/dual credit courses as well!
This school has great academic programs and fun classes as well. This school has some great teacher and some okay one's.
There's a lot of good things that come from living in Michigan, one of which is the school systems. We've got really good schools and amazing teachers, however we still lack in diversity. The school I go to, has about ten minorities, which is ridiculous. We don't come from a diverse part of Michigan, and I wish there were ways we could fix it. College Readiness is also a huge factor, the counselors are lacking when it comes to getting kids ready for college. They barely help with the application process, and they also look down on kids who prefer to not go to college and go straight into the workforce.
Michigan City Area Schools do their absolute best to assure that students are receiving the education they need.
Michigan City Area Schools helped me increase my education and did very well at doing so. I received challenging classes including AP and Duel Credit which I am very glad to have had the opportunity to have a chance at starting my college career in high school. The teachers I had were wonderful, but there is always room for improvement to be able to help every child from the basic classes to the most advanced classes to succeed and be prepared for life after high school whether that be in college, a trade or going into the work force. The change I’ve seen within my 4 years of high school have been major and wonderful and I cannot wait to see what comes when I graduate and what the students under me can become more successful and be able to have wonderful opportunities.
I attended Michigan City Area School from 2012-2015 and I had an awesome experience! The principal; Mr. Wendell McCollum was the best!! He was genuine, compassionate, and humble toward everyone!! The teachers were amazing as well!! The Academic Curriculum is great. They have Advanced Courses, Honors Classes, several Diplomas that they offer and classes for Exceptional Learners. They have plenty of Extra Curricular activities such as basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, dance, cheer, volleyball, wrestling and a variety of clubs. It is very family oriented. One disadvantage is that they can be a lot more diverse as a whole, and especially in the music and art department.
Although I did not complete my senior year at MCAS; due to relocating to Indianapolis; I would still recommend it to anyone moving to the Michigan City Area!!
I’ve gone to Michigan City Area Schools my entire life. My mom is also an employee at a school in the district. My experience throughout elementary school was just okay. Nothing special, nothing terrible... When I moved on to middle school I attended Krueger and it was not good. The teachers didn’t care about the education. There were certain teachers who were just awful and some were very openly racist. Bullying was a big problem. The school has been getting D and F rating which I guess speaks for it’s self. The high school, which I attend now is okay. I have had a good experience because i’ve been in honors classes the whole time. But if you’re not in honors the education is awful. Also the early college program is a lie. All in all the school system has nothing special, but is not awful.
I attended MCAS from k-12.Great diversity. There are some problems that are never taken care of in the administration. Overall I had good experiences in MCAS though.
I like that Michigan city area schools wants people to be involved in things. They have many activities that all age groups can participate in. I want them to keep adding more activities for parents and students to use for children to succeed.
Michigan City High School is an average school. It is an older school and it could use some more updates. What I do like about Michigan City High School is that we now have what they call dual credit classes. Michigan City High School has partnered with Purdue University in Westville, IN to offer this program to the students of the school. Changes I would make would be a total remodel and a better selection of food in the cafeteria for the students.
I loved Michigan City Area Schools. There isn't much to complain about when talking about the school. If I had to change anything about my school it would be the dress code.
Schools are improving. The high school has a lot to offer; athletics, academics, clubs. Dual credit with Purdue and Ivy Tech.
MCAS really prepares you for college and offers many classes to help you figure out what field you want to study in college. There are also many dual credit classes you can take to get at least part of your freshman year of college done by the time you graduate.
It's an incredibly diverse school with so many educational opportunities and room for growth. The time I spent at Michigan City were some of the best years of my life and I really consider myself lucky to have attended.
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Michigan City area school care about giving their students lots of opportunities and support. They've done a lot to change the image that Michigan City used to have. And, the teachers are so helpful and really want you to succeed and will do anything they can to help.
Michigan City Area Schools home to a very diverse group of students. It is a great place to learn and grow as a person.
While Michigan City Area Schools aren't the cream of the crop, they did exactly what they needed to in order to help me graduate high school and be college and career ready. I had plenty of teachers I was able to bond with in school that helped boost me to the person I am today.
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