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Miamisburg City School District Reviews

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Miamisburg City School District is a fantastic school district. They have many different courses available to students, ranging from regular courses to college classes in high school. In addition, they have an amazing art program and offer many different types of art classes, especially in high school. They also employ very caring and kind teachers that help their students out whenever they need it. This school district is very comforting and leads with excellence.
Sports- too much money spent out of pocket when all money in the system is put into the band and football. No help to low income families. Disorganized practices and games for parents. Poor coaching. Politic based!

Teachers- too personal with students! Ex. Have personal phone numbers, know there personal problems. Teachers lack being role models! Not pro active with bullying!

Administration- doesn’t enforce issues known. Ignores kids struggling with issues.

On call system- great!

Cafeteria- not healthy! My dog wouldn’t even touch that food! Serve a burrito, rice and cheese sauce and that’s it! Gross

Classes- need more life preparing classes such as financial, home economics, parenting, wood shop!

Bring back career day!
Have more diversified programs like work program for example.
My experience at Miamisburg High School has been an overall good experience. I’ve been in Miamisburg schools since kindergarten and I will be graduating from MHS this May. I’ve been very involved in numerous activities since grade school. Starting in middle school I was involved I. Student government and continued my involvement through High School. I am currently the student body class secretary. I started playing sports in middle school. I was on the cheer team 7th and 8th grade and was also involved in track. As I entered high school, I continued to cheer,run cross country, and play girls lacrosse. I’ve always had coaches who push me to do my best but also teach me it all starts in the class room working to achieve the best grades possible. The teachers in Miamisburg city schools are encouraging and accessible when needed. In all, my experience in Miamisburg schools have been extremely positive. I will always be proud to be a VIkING!
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Wonderful, updated schools and classrooms with amazing teachers. The tech prep program I participated in junior/senior of high school prepared me for a career in the healthcare field.
Miamisburg City School District has an excellent staff as administration. They offer a plethora of activities and opportunities for the students enrolled in the district, and they provide plenty of help and tutoring for struggling students. The counselors help students plan their school years in a way that will benefit them, and they show that they care about your progress in school.
Miamisburg city schools is well put together on the outside, but the school district is corrupt in terms of if you play a sport, you get the easy pass with teachers.
The school has wonderful teachers and gives an overall good experience. Most of the teachers seem to care about the student's and their grades. Administrators allow students to have an opinion and there are great resources available.
Miamisburg City Schools offers a diverse class curriculum. Their guidance counselors are dedicated to helping you succeed. I believe the principal is out of touch with the students and student needs.
I have spent my entire school life at Miamisburg. Throughout the years I have found that teachers act like they are just their to teach and form no bound with their students. I feel as though the bond teachers want to build with their students should grow as they get older not diminish. I have teachers that I have build a bond with from elementary and middle school but as I went though the high school it is much less. The bonds formed help students achieve the overall goal. I have found other than that Miamisburg city schools has a overall wonderful community.
The overall experience was very good. They have many programs that students can become involved in, along with newly updated facilities. I enjoyed my time there, and even though most of the teachers are average, some have influenced me for the rest of my life. The only thing I would like to see changed is the administration, parent involvement isn't a priority for them, and some people in power need to be replaced.
Lots of easy classes. The people are pretty mean though. It would be nice to have more options and more accepting teachers. The marching band rocks, and the food is alright.
All around it's a pretty good school lots of options on how you want to learn your education I'm going to Miamisburg all my life and getting ready to graduate
I had a great educational and social experience throughout my years at Miamisburg School district. I made friendships that will last a lifetime. I made special bonds with each of my teachers, especially those who helped me just a little more than most. I learned life lessons that I will take with me to college and my professional career. Overall attending Miamisburg has been a great experience and a great town to call home.
We love that our son attends such a fine school. The teacher involvement in their education and their motivation of the students is exceptional. The activities that are available are many and the families feel welcome to be a part of them.
Miamisburg city school have a large variety of community involvement and school spirit. In the future I would like to see a greater variety in academics, like adding AP courses and more accessible tutoring.
I had a decent experience at Miamisburg schools but they didn't have as many opportunities as Miami Valley Career Technology Center.
Good choice of classes, ability to participate in CCP, excellent facilities with new stadium. Not thrilled with many of the teachers. Need to really evaluate their effectiveness.
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Most the teachers I had spent more time joking around with students than actually teaching them. The math teachers seem to be especially poor. Two that I had often left class to talk to past students or other teachers and waste class time. The school district spends more money on the building and technology than on their teachers.
The Miamisburg City School District provided ago of experience for their students. They provided a safe environment and were kind and personable with their students.
Miamisburg City Schools have treated me very well over these last 12 years. My teachers have all been excellent mentors and life coaches. I wouldn't change anything about the schools that I have gone to because they have all been wonderful.
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