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Miami Trace Local School District Reviews

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I went to Miami trace from kindergarten until I graduated and I wouldn't have wanted to graduate anywhere else. Miami trace has great teachers and great academics as well as a great campus and community. Miami trace also has all new buildings, all with all the latest technology any kid could ask for in highschool.
Miami Trace is a great place to go to school. There are many opportunities to receive a rounded education. The teachers are helpful and the community is diverse. I feel that this school has prepared me for college and gone above and beyond to assist me with any questions I have about college.
I like that most of the teachers are very nice and willing to help when a student needs it. I would definitely like to see more options for students wanting to go into an art field. While this has improved over the past year, it could still be better... I would also like to see more involvement by the district teaching in college readiness. A lot of students plan to go to college but not a lot of students get the information they need...
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Overall I had a good highschool experience. I liked all my peers and got along well. The teachers there become your friends, and help you a lot with what you need.
Some of the teachers are there for the right reasons, but overall, administration and board needs a complete overhaul.
Miami Trace, from an educational standpoint, is a good school. The school does need a lot of work on enforcing anti bullying policies and making students feel accepted for being themselves.
The district focuses on the students education. I have went to Miami Trace since elementary school. The teachers don't let students get away with a lot so it is a good learning environment. The teachers care about their students education and their home-life. The school has gave each student their own laptop so they can do their homework. The district is rated Excellent with Distinction.
I love this school. It has great teachers great learning standers. Great football team their academics is outstanding. I have nothing bad to say about this school. There are so many opportunities here its unbelievable.
Love the district everyone is kind and loves to help your children accomplish the best! They are determined to assure that your child is safe, smart, and kind. They also encourage friendships with all other students. They also do their best to put a stop to all bullying.
Miami Trace Local school wasnt really an expereance for me. Most of the teachers where rude and the students where also rude. I went to Laural oaks just to leave the school. The teachers at oaks where much nicer and cared about your future. 9
Small size classrooms give teachers the opportunity to get to know the students well and to be able to differentiate smoothly. Nicest teachers I've met!
I love everything about the school, but the addition of more Scale- Up classrooms would be beneficial. I would also like to see a wider variety of CCP courses. The biggest thing I would like to see change is the superintendent.
Miami Trace is a wonderful school district where no one gets left behind. All students at Miami Trace are treated with respect and at a great learning level. If I could change one thing it would be to add more language classes so students can have more diversity and culture. I am very thankful for everyone who is helping participate in building the new Miami Trace High school, it's projected to be finished in 2019 and I can't wait!
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