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They say the four years of high school are the worst but that’s a complete lie. My four years at Miami Highschool were some of the best, the teachers that I had pushed me beyond my limits. Students were considerate of one another and the pep rally’s were some of the best.
I went to a Charter School in Miami, where I learned a lot. I loved my school, and got a wonderful education. I loved my teachers, they all put a effort and care into their lessons and worked hard to help us.
Everyone in the Miami public school system cares so much about their students! The teachers put in extra hours; even though, they don’t get paid for it. I remember in first grade my teacher would stay after school with me everyday, so that I could learn to read. She wasn’t paid extra; she did t out of the kindness of her heart. Throughout, my high school career I have felt the same amount of passion and genuine care from all of my teachers. They have inspired me in so many ways, and I would like to major in education to give back to this wonderful and selfless community.
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I have had an enjoyable time attending this school district. There Scholastic clubs are really great, and they helped to bring me out of my shell. I would like to see the amount of counselors increase, and a few more resources provided to the students.
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