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I went to RMEC, I doubt all schools are the same and I can only speak for that school, but I loved the majority of my teachers there. There was the occasional one or two who were either rude or unreasonable and wasn't very engaged with the class. The facilities there were okay. Cleanliness was okay at best. The bathroom were dirty but our custodians were pretty on top of the main bathrooms. The adviser are as engaged with their students as long as their students are too.
I've always assisted Miami-Dade County public school and I was very pleased with them. Loved the environment! Teachers always give their 100% so the students can learn. The staff are kind and friendly. This are the type of school you like to attend to.
I liked that the teachers really cared, but I think it was overall horrible when it comes to math teachers.
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Not helpful when students need additional help. When the schools are contacted to request additional help for currently attending students, they make it impossible to get help for the student and even go so far as to respond that the child must be failing first in order to get additional help or guidance.
Overall, Miami-Dade Public Schools, has shown me to become an outstanding, studious, and goal seeking student. There is also a wide variety and diversity of students from many countries, and there are many classes that introduce historical cultures into the student's backgrounds. Many scholarship options are given to any club or activity, which allows the students to find their passion and become something meaningful in their lives. There are many resources and help towards the students like computers, books, libraries, articles, projects, etc that encourage students to be more involved in their assignments and become a better student overall. The teachers and staff are very protective, safe, and helpful throughout my high school experience and have made me become who I am today.
Miami-Dade Public Schools provided me with opportunities to grow as an individual and challenged me to do better for myself academically in the classroom and with my athletic ventures. Miami-Dade Public Schools also prepared me for my future endeavors as I prepare to go to college.
I am totally intrigued with the Miami dads county public schools and all the great things it has. I truly recommend these schools for anyone looking for the best type of schools.
Depends on each school, but overall good academics, good athletics, but mostly average college prep.
The school system in Miami dade county I believe should be worked on in order to improve the education. I have had a lot of experience with teachers who are not proficient in their job and some have even mentioned they do not like teaching to other students. In my opinion, this is extremely wrong and unfair to the students who actually want to learn and succeed but can not because of the careless and unhelpful teachers in Miami dade. Miami Dade County public schools need to improve on not only the administration that they accept into schools but should also administer more control over schools in order to keep the students and the schools staff safe.
I liked how the staff were strict and serious when it came to academics. But, I did not enjoy the type of kids I was surrounded with and hope to see that schools push students to behave and act accordingly in a school setting.
The environment in the Miami-Dade Public Schools feel secure and friendly. The change that I would want to see is the improvement and devotion to STEM since it can inspire students to be engineers, doctors, technicians, and so much more.
Miami dade county public schools is overall moderate. Frankly, I wouldn't really recommend it. I've been to quite a few schools here and the overall education quality is average according to me and friends of mine that also complain that the education system is sort of messed up. I would like to see improvement in the overall system and would hope that improvements will be made in the future. The future depends on the younger generation so therefore I believe that we should strive to provide the best quality of education so life in the future can become more advanced and better.
What I like about Miami Dade Public Schools is their commitment with the students. Since I came to the United States I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend to public school and further my education. Since then, I have been able to learn and receive advices on how to improve from many of my tutors and advisers. It was and still been an incredible journey. I’m very thankful for this opportunity. If I will have to change or recommend something, that will be to improve in the time students or parents (in some cases) have to wait to receive certain answers from applications. Other than that, I feel satisfy with its service.
Throughout my high school experience in a Miami dade county school, what I liked was the diversity among the students. However, what should improve are the ways to settle new students to the schools.
Amazing school system with amazing teachers that actually cares for their students. The Superintendent of Miami Dade County Public Schools has a passion for the kids in and out the class rooms. They are always looking for new ways to improve the schools, process, quality of education and then some.
I attend Mater academy charter high school and most of my teachers have always been very smart and educated and know how to teach in a classroom setting however there will always be an outlier here and there but thats fine, what I don't enjoy about our school so much is the lunch menu because the majority of the time the food looks very unappealing and unappetizing.
The teachers are very strong believers in making sure their students go on to the next grade and or graduate. As a senior preparing to attend college i am very glad i had the ability to attend schools in miami-dade i am forever grateful.
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Overall their are not many good schools in this county. There is a lot of bullying , and fights in the schools down here. This is a major problem people are concerned. Teachers are at times not prepared. they don't have patience to help the students to understand things. Test are getting harder and harder every year causing students to fail.
I would change at what time does kids have to go to school, because its been proven by studies that waking up too early affects the learning environment
An excellent school district, despite its large student population of 300,000+ students enrolled in the county's schools it has been an amazing experience. I myself have been enrolled in MDCPS my entire school career of 13 years (K-12) and I have nothing but good comments to say about all the schools I've been to. Teachers are the greatest, all school facilities were given renovations that will be completed by the year 2020/2021, and are capable of teaching all students in the district. I have nothing but love for MDCPS, and I hope many of you reading would someday enroll, or suggest our school district to someone you may know to check us out!
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