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Meyersdale Area School District Reviews

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I would like more funding going into some of the less popular sports to encourage activity in them. For example, the cross country team couldn't even acquire enough funding for their own tent. This sport is a smaller one compared to a few of the school's other fall sports but should be funded at the same time.
There are decent teachers and activities for the school's size, especially in an already close-knit and rural area. The only detriment is the school's size and the limitations of funding. Academics are pretty good and clubs are available for those interested. Sports are standard but fun if one chooses to participate.
I liked that Meyersdale was a close knit school district. Also, since it was small I was able to be involved with many different activities, such as sports and music without having to pick one to focus on.
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My experience at Meyersdale is about what I would expect to experience in a rural community, such as this.
I am and always will be grateful that I attended Meyersdale Area School District. Like all other schools, we have our own issues. Meyersdale has students that love to learn and earn good grades, while students also attend that do not care for school. Teachers try to work with those who do not want to learn, but sometimes their efforts are useless. The students that wish to learn prosper at Meyersdale. The teachers challenge students to perform at their best. Meyersdale is small enough that students do not form cliques. Students who are academics are also athletes and musicians. For extracurricular activities to perform well, students must focus on school work while also working hard in other aspects of school.
Meyersdale Area High School is a great school! Everyone is so encouraging and supportive. The pride for that school is unbelievable. The whole town attends all of the events just to come support the students. The faculty and staff connect with all of the students, and it makes school feel like another home.
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My experience throughout high school has been good and bad. I really enjoy how we have a bunch of different clubs and activities to join. I also like how mostly everyone including the faculty are very kind people. We have a safe school. I dislike how we are starting to have to use computers a lot more in a bunch of classes. I have a hard time learning and comprehending school work online.
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