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I been in the Mexico school district since I started school. I like the facility at the schools I been to. I have also played sports for the school since I could and our school district and community show a lot of support. There are a lot of things that could be changed but there are a few major things that need to be changed. One thing I think needs to change is the collage preparation and they also need to change the amount the teacher care about seeing all the kids succeed.
I would like to see more students get involved, but overall I think that it is a very friendly environment that anyone could go to.
At Mexico School District I would say most teachers don't care about you or how you are doing in school. They make sure to punish you if you don't have good attendance (even if you have had doctor appointments) if you get below a 90% you don't get to go to any school activities. The one thing I can say is good about our School District is the sports they let us play and how they help some get a connection with colleges.
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It wasn't great. I'm glad I graduated. The teachers are nice. The food is awful. Some of the admin are creepy.
The school district has some really amazing and quality teachers, while others lack enough knowledge to truly teach their subject which is saddening. My experience was pretty mediocre. The funding doesn’t always go to the right places, but the school is always putting in effort somewhere.
I like how much the teachers care and try to help every student as much as they can. I would like to see the school work on how they handle conflict and how they prepare students for graduation and college life.
I like the fact that we always have a say in what goes on our schedule and we have lots of clubs and sports to participate in. I think Mexico high school prepares us well for college and gives us plenty of opportunities to explore our future.
I have gone to Mexico school district for almost my whole life. Elementry school I went to Eugene Feild and I could not describe a better school. Though I did have a few problems I knew I could always talk to the staff there. I grew up with many problems as a child and Mexico has helped me through all of them. In Mexico middle school I realized I had PTSD and anxiety and the school was really good about helping me stay in my classes and working through my issues as well as keeping me on track in school. The high school helped me get back in school when I dropped out my sophomore year and are doing amazing with helping me ketch up. I would love to stay in the Mexico area so that my kids can have the same experience in school as I did.
All the teachers do a great job at helping all of the students learn and exceed in school. The staff cares and they go out o their way to make sure that all students get the full education that we need and deserve.
The chemistry department needs changing but all in all it is not awful. I think it is a very average high school.
I loved my experience at Mexico High School. It was dramatic a lot of the time like most schools, but I met friends there that I will have for a lifetime. Sports at Mexico High School are fairly good too. Their Wrestling Team is probably the best sport they have and Football isn't far behind. I played football at Mexico High School all four years, and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. Academically, Mexico High School is pretty good I'd say. The Social Studies department is extremely good, same goes for technology, and the English department. There were a few things about Physical Education that made me little upset. We weren't allowed to play two hand touch football outside. Besides that it was a great school.
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