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The school has an amazing group of staff, the environment is welcoming, and the education is excellent.
As a senior in the Mexico Central School District, i have my ups and downs with the school and its decisions. The school has teachers that either make your day or ruin it, some of these teachers help students whilst others don't. Overall the teachers are about as good as any other district in the county. The food is not the best, days to look forward to for food is Tuesday for tacos or Friday for stuffed crust pizza or fajitas, the school has recently taken away juice from their lunches and has received backlash from the students, from social media to posters in the school demanding that they be returned. The clubs and sports are fun such as the schools drama club, every year the drama club has put on fun and exciting shows, even some that have won the school some awards, everyone is welcome and they rarely do cuts. This is a small overview of some events that goes on at Mexico Central School.
Mexico schools have a diverse set of classes allowing for everyone to have a choice in their education. There are many clubs and activities that allow for students to be more involved in their community. Sports are well prepared and they strive to help the students in them. The schools are all very clean. The bathrooms can get messy during the day but they are back to being clean by the next morning. The teachers are excellent. They strive to help their students in any way they can, even if that means they have to give up a free period during their day. Mexico schools strive for excellence and they do a great job at achieving it.
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All the teachers are very supportive of both your personal and academic achievements. There's always someone for you to turn to for advice.
My overall experience in the Mexico Central School District has been excellent. I have lived in the district for all of my years of schooling and couldn't be more pleased. The administration is apt to help students and handles any issues promptly.
Mexico has a very welcoming atmosphere. Nobody is left out and we offer many options such as a club against bullying, leadership courses, and various art classes which allow each student to become a part of a community within the school.
I would like to see more push toward students challenging themselves academically, as well as a push to reach outside of their comfort zones. Their is a very supportive staff, however they are very lax when it comes to pushing the general student body.
I've had a great experience over the past four years at MACS, and I'll be sure to visit my friends over breaks when I'm in college
Mexico high school is very good when referring to academics. The staff is considerate and ready to help when needed and helps to prepare for students futures
School has many quirks but is overall a very nice tight knit community. Most teachers are very passionate about their work, but many students lack motivation.
I consider myself extremely luck to have attended such an amazing school. It prepared me for the future and helped to shape me into the person I am today.
Mexico Central Schools are the best schools that I have had contact with. I spent my entire time there. My children, however, were not so lucky. I have had to fight for their rights in school. It is the most beautiful school I have seen in all of my travels. I was lucky enough to have a mix of young and old teachers, with knowledge.
i love this school its amazing there very willing to help any student that walks through the door. the teachers treat you like adults and they all care about how you are doing in school and what your future plans are.
Mexico is a very inviting school district. Most, if not all, the teachers are very helpful and the students are very friendly for the most part.
The teachers at Mexico Academy are so wonderful. Whether your struggling or need someone to talk to their doors are always open.
Students aren't pushed enough academically. Sports programs are minimal, and coaches are ruled by the parents. The middle school and high school are very beautiful facilities. they are very clean and well maintained. The school district spent millions of dollars on a ropes adventure course outside the high school, when it snows in Mexico, NY, 5 months out of the school year here, and it can't be used.
I'm a senior now and I love this school they show so much love in are school and I feel safe when I go to school
I have several fond memories of New Haven Elementary. These include the many extra-curricular activities, such as the ornithology club, as well as the regular assemblies where we celebrated everyone’s birthday and awarded classrooms that had well-behaved students. My most memorable moments from New Haven were actually from the Middle School. Every week I would go after school to the elementary and help Mrs. Domicolo grade papers and organize her classroom with her son Joey. I always enjoyed helping some teachers that I had before and some that were new to me. I felt like I was part of a close community when I went to New Haven Elementary.
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I am a proud student of Mexico NY High school. Both the teachers and students were great to be around. My experience in the district is something I will forever be proud of.
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