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Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township Reviews

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Ben Davis is really an awesome school with great resources and amazing teachers who are ready to bring out the best in you.
I have been in Wayne Township since 2nd grade. I have loved being in this township because it got me out of IPS and has improved my education and mental stability.
I love how diverse it is and how it really wants its students to go forward with their education. Some of the teachers could be better but their motives are all good. They all want to help people that most likely come from a low income background to really flourish and they also want to push them into the world so that they can be our next doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, etc. I am very proud to be part of such a great township
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Wayne township is a school district that is very diverse. The diversity is unbelievable. The teachers help students with many things. The education the students get in on another level. And this school is great in general. Everybody knows everybody and I never see any bullying going on.
Wayne Township is a great school district with very diverse teachers and students. I spent my entire childhood in this school district and every single teacher I've had a great impact on my life. The no child left behind stance has really took effect and I feel that any teacher working for Wayne township believe this to be true. I would most definitely send my kids here in the future.
My experience with Wayne Township has been really great. The teachers and administrators really does a good job in caring about the students they teach and encounter with on a daily basis. I moved to Wayne Township 2.5 years ago and it was the best decision that I could have made for my daughters future.
Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township is overall a pretty good district. What I like most about it is how much education we have, and what I dislike about it is the school food. I feel like they do not put much thought into it at all.
My experience in Wayne Township is great, they provide a lot of schools resources, they also have good teachers and the best career center Area 31 in indianapolis.
It's a great school with outstanding teachers. This is one reason why I want to become a teacher and coach. School enrollment has a lot of diversity. School administration needs to support other athletics beside football and basketball.
I have lived most of my life in Wayne township except for a short 2 years in which i moved to Decatur. Compared to Decatur Wayne has much more opportunities to achieve a higher level of education whilst still and high school and the staff are all on your side as long as you do want you need to do.
So far my experience at Wayne Township has been good. They teach us about what right and wrong and they try to understand all of us students individually as we are. Some things I would like so see change is the behavior some facilities have towards some of us students.
I love how students have to choice to get into the area 31 program where students can get training on their future jobs.
Wayne Townships are good schools and they help you achieve high school and get you ready for college. They have well prepared teachers ready to help students and teach them in daily basis. Wayne Townships schools impact students as well as teachers and family members. Thank you Wayne Township schools.
It is an innovative school. The teachers are great. It is fun and also the school gives kids the urge to learn.
Going to Wayne Townships schools has been an eye opener due to the vast majority of diversity. The school system has culture and understanding of the different ethnic backgrounds.
What I like most about Wayne Township is there so many academic opportunities. Not only do we just finish each semester with high school credits but as well with college credits from college courses they provide. This district is very diverse and try everything to involve more and more students and families in activities.
Wayne Township has a very diverse setting. It is a very good place to be educated. There are a plethora of different perspectives and experiences. The school culture is a mix of everyone in the district. In Wayne everyone connects relates.
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Every single one of my former teachers was beyond devoted to their jobs. I was able to connect with each one on a personal level, and I feel confident that I could go to any of them today (I am 4 years post-graduation) for anything. In fact, I still keep in touch with some of them. I am a proud BD and MSD Wayne Township alumna.
I'm a Ben Davis Alumni and I loved it and have had no complaints with my children since they have been attending. Teachers and staff are excellent!!
I've attended all Wayne Township schools from K-12. Through my experience the schools in wayne township and teachers have left a good impression on me. The only thing I think can change is better lunch for students.
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