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Metropolitan School District of Washington Township Reviews

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Washington township is a very good school district overall. The entire district is an IB world school, meaning that there are certain criteria that teachers must do each year. The music and arts department is amazing compared to other public schools. The majority of teachers enjoy working there and the district is relatively liberal. There is very little engineering and STEM related support from the district currently but it is slowly growing.
North Central is a very good school for a public school. My experience has been good overall. The one negative thing I would say is that the school culture is extremely left leaning and a majority of the students (a loud and outspoken group of students) aren't tolerant of center or right of center ideas. This isn't the schools fault, but the culture in the school isn't something I find very appealing. The students who do have right wing views are often socially excluded which isn't great. Diversity of skin color is huge, but diversity of thought is not. If you want to get good grades in advanced classes, you have to seek out the help, and some teachers don't like to help (I assume laziness).
Most of the teachers at North Central High School are good effective teachers. But some of the departments specifically the math department the teachers constantly come and go and there are few good teachers.
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It is a good township to live in with great school. The diversity and culture is prevalent and widely ranged. The people and officials are well structured and orderly. The township keeps up with their community and takes opportunities to improve often.
Metropolitan School District of Washington Township is a great district with many great chances for students to learn and enjoy their years of youth. If there were anything that could be changed it would be the student and teacher relationships because communication does seem to lack at times.
My son has attend Washington Township from the beginning of his academic journey. My husband and I refused to live in any other school district but this one. From the very start, the educators in this district saw the potential in our son and equipped him with the capabilities he needed to succeed.
Metropolitan School District of Washington Township offers a wide variety of rigorous courses. I enjoyed this because not only was I challenged,but I also have gained understanding in many areas. My district is very diverse.There are many different types of people and ethnicities that I have been able to both learn about and from. The Math department isn't very good as the grades continue, mainly in high school. In middle school, I didn't feel like many of the younger aged teachers were there for me. The principles are friendly, counselors do a great job helping prepare us for college. The schools challenging curriculum has prepared me for college through numerous AP,IB, Advanced Placement and ACP courses. Every student has a place to fit in. There are a wide number of sports and clubs and if there isn't one, students have the opportunity to create one.
I only spent high school in this district, but I was given the best opportunities to be the best person that I can be. The teachers that I had have taught me so much, not only about their subject of interest but about life in general. My senior year English teacher was someone that I could regularly go to for any advice or help. I had the best experience possible in this school district.
Metropolitan School District of Washing Township taught is an excellent school district and teaches its students the values in diversity as well as maintaining a high standard for students in academics and multiple different endeavors.
As a student at NCHS i loved the diversity, not just culturally, but all of the different classes and opportunities that school has to offer, it made everything else alot more tolerable.
Washington Township, has changed my life. In 2007, I moved from Chicago. I felt being in North central high school, I felt prepared to enter college. I am an ESL student who did not know English in High school. However, now because of the support of the staff, teachers, mentors, resourses, I was able to graduate high school with a 3.5 GPA. I am truly happy for this school district!
MSDWT is a district that truly places students first. I only joined MSDWT when I attended North Central for high school, but in my four years I found that I was immersed in a district that placed a heavy focus on student enrichment rather than rote memorization or quantitative metrics. The teachers went out of their way to help students understand and perform to the best of their abilities. My coaches for the sports I played also truly showed a demonstrated interest in the achievement and well-being of their student athletes. I could not give a stronger vote of confidence for this school district.
Like any school district, we have our flaws... But, Washington Township has a reoccuring problem but nobody is willing to change or fix it no matter how much students speak out about being treated different because of their skin color. This is an ongoing issue that has to be addressed now and has to be fixed now! Other than that, the school is ok. We need more one on one time with teachers and more people passing without passing with low grades.
Washington township schools have been fantastic from Kindergarten through high school. The opportunities for student academics as well as extracurricular activities are endless. Everyone can find their niche, especially at the high school level. From a wide selection of sports to academics to arts and music, there is something for everyone! In addition, there is also the J Everett Light Center for students to begin career development at the high school level. If college is the plan, then the opportunities for college classes and credits will help both students and parents begin this college journey.
I attended North Central High School from 2010-2014 as an out of township student. A vast majority of my classes were AP and honors and I feel my education rivaled those provided by the private schools in the area. At NC, I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with ten other students. I was also taught by individuals genuinely passionate about their field. However, while NC offers wonderful guidance counselors, there are certain administrators who are extremely rude. There is also a blatantly sexist dress code.
Being in school most of my life MSDWT has examplified diveristy in the best way. Not only are academics great, but the resources in the high school are helpful and useful. There is no discrimiantion to who the help is open to, and the student popluation is not wholey made uo of one single race, but instead it consists of many different races and religions. Academics are extraordinary when it comes to courses being offered and the rigorous honors classes. Students may seek help when needed, and teachers are willing to help those reaching out. MSDWT is an amazing school district that prepares you for not only college ahead of you but for the world after that.
I recently switch from private school to public North Central High School and I love it. I love how diverse and busy it is.
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The Metropolitan School District of Washington Township has many opportunities in academics and extracurricular activities. The teachers are all different regarding their teaching styles, but most of them have a good foundation. I wish that the guidance offered more support and the food was better quality with larger portions for the price. Overall it is a great school.
Im a senior at North Central, but this is my first year in this district. From day one I was met with open arms, and felt very comfortable with the people right away. They are very welcoming, and open to help with whatever it is you may need.
I go to JEL career center on North Central High School Campus. I love this school. It really does help with getting people ready for after high school because not everyone wants to go to a four year college, some just want to go straight into the work force. So all in all this school has amazing roots and you get to meet a lot of different people from different school districts.
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