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Metropolitan School District of Pike Township Reviews

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Pike Townships schools seem pretty much good overall, but their High School needs help as the population keeps growing the school right now can't fit all these kids. Especially since these kids hang out in the busy intersections of the school making it difficult for others to get through and to class.
Over the four years I have been here I have partial in many clubs abilities and sports that have made me the person I am today
Good teachers that are willing to help in one's education. Teachers motivate students to be a better person to be able to succeed in life with career chosen.
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I liked pike township but I did come from another previous school district prior to attending pike township school. This was hard because of making new friends. But overall I enjoyed it. I would like to see more tutorials resources for students in pike township.
I have been living in Metropolitan school District of Pike township my entire life. there are many things that can change slightly and things that are great just the way they are. I believe they should change one major thing; I believe there should be two high schools. Don't get me wrong it is very diverse and great to have all students form all around pike in one building but this township continues to grow therefore I think the township would benefit greatly for having two high schools instead of one .
I had an amazing experience at Pike High School. My senior year was the​ most memorable year of all the other years. I had a good relationship with my teachers and staffs on campus. I highly recommend this school to any parent searching for a decent school for their child or children.
My Experience in Pike Township has been good. The teachers were alright because i feel like i am much prepared for college. I have taken some challenging courses such as Anatomy and Pre -Calculus. At Pike High School although i feel like the school has changed over the years i have been there i have had a fun experience there. In about three months I will be graduating from Pike High school and attending Indiana State University.
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